Survey: Olympic Athletes are Smart with Money

When it comes to money matters, the stereotypical image of the Dumb Jock does not apply to today’s Olympic athletes.

…Olympians aren’t just fitter than the rest of us—they’re more financially savvy, too. That’s according to official Team USA sponsor TD Ameritrade, which surveyed 254 Olympic athletes. Most of them said that they thought their athletic training contributed to their financial discipline.

For example, suppose they win big at the Games, and get a sweeet Nike or Kellogg’s deal or something. How would they handle their money?

  • 40% save or invest
  • 33% pay down debt
  • 20% charity or share with friends or family
  • 03% would blow it all on hats

An interesting angle, as seen in the quote above, is the Discipline. We have all said, “If I ever come into money, I am going to start making better decisions!” But these jocks are already making good choices. 70% are “consciously saving for the future,” and over half make regular automated deposits to a savings account.

So, I guess the question is, “Where can I get ME some of that discipline!?”  What do you think? Let us know! And enjoy the Games!

Redbox Gives Netflix the Blues

So, what service (or services) are you using for your media rentals? Still going to the video store? Downloading or streaming? Using the DVD kiosk outside the 7-11?

Well, your choices keep multiplying! DVD purveyor Redbox is on a roll since they made the deal to buy up all of rival Blockbuster’s kiosks. The latest development? They are breaking out of the physical DVD realm and getting into streaming, courtesy of a new partnership with Verizon.

The service called “RedBox Instant by Verizon” will offer more or less the same features as Netflix will, without the home delivery option.  Consumer Affairs

Which is MORE bad news for Netflix.

Netflix is in perhaps in that fabled location between a rock and a hard place. It is losing about 1 million DVD customers per quarter while its slow-growing online customers are consuming more and more streaming video. DVD rentals are about five times more profitable than streaming video. Consumer Affairs

I guess the question is, are your rental habits changing? Me, I finally got an HD TV. I am getting about 10 channels of local HD content, and thinking of signing up for a couple of rental services like this. And, once and for all…DITCHING CABLE! What do you think?

Putting Teeth into Consumer Protection

Have you heard of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau? The CFPB is just getting off the ground and, last week, made a bit of news with its big judgment against Capital One when…

…it ordered Capital One to return $140 million to $150 million to customers over “misleading and deceptive” marketing of credit card add-ons such as credit monitoring and payment protection services.  Fox Business News

Now, I will admit, I think of myself as a “small government” guy. You tell me that they have just established a whole new Federal agency, and I get suspicious. In general, though, the CFPB is getting some good press – even from FOX News, if you can believe it.

Here’s a list of CFPB’s early achievements, according to one consumer guru:

  • Regulating consumer credit bureaus such as Experian to ensure they keep accurate records and correct errors in a timely manner.
  • Expanding consumer protection rules to cover remittance transfers, which millions of Americans use to send money to relatives overseas.
  • Setting up a streamlined consumer complaints process accessible online or over the phone and putting those complaints into a searchable public database.
  • Creating a user-friendly and attractive website focused on serving consumers rather than the institutions that the CFPB regulates.
So, what do you think? Read the article, and let us know. Is the CFPB a good thing, or more government meddling…or both? 

The MindField Nickel Tour, Revisited

The internet is a living, breathing, sweating beast…and things change. We did a tour of the MindField Online website last year, and we now present an update. Enjoy!

*     *     *     *

Over at the MindField Online Facebook page, we commonly hear, “I’m new—how does this whole thing work?”  That’s a pretty broad question, so we usually answer, “There’s plenty of info to be found at our website, -check it out!”

But exactly what you will find has been a mystery, wrapped in a riddle, wrapped in an internet – until now!  So, keep your hands and feet inside the tram as we take an informative, exciting (but mostly informative) tour of the MindField Online Internet Panels website!

Member Home

A really useful portal that gives you a quick look at announcements, surveys available (“Live Now!”), membership details, payout options, referrals, member profile survey status, payout balance progress… and more!

Account Settings

Here is where you can update or change your user preferences, email or street address and your password.


This is a detailed list of your survey activity, with a link to your payout activity, as well.


How do you register? Who is eligible? What are the rules? Here is where you find out!


Check out the answers to some frequently asked questions HERE. Then, take a moment to realize “So THAT’S what FAQ stands for!”


Other than farm fresh ingredients, what steps does MindField Online Internet Panels take to ensure the quality of our data? Find out HERE.


Because corporate histories are so darn exciting, click HERE to learn more about MindField Online and parent company McMillion Research.


Much of the news you will have seen on our Facebook page, but you will get more detail here.


MindField Online has regular cash drawings and sweepstakes. Here is where you can see the winners.

*     *     *     *

And that brings us back to the lobby. We hope you have enjoyed your tour of the MindField Online Internet Panels website! Thanks for your attention. Please exit through the giftshop…

A Sam-tastic Opportunity for MindField Members!

Check out the the Sam’s Partnership Panel!

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “Bro! Why buy a can of Axe Body Spray when you can buy a whole case, Bro?” Buying in bulk can be a great deal, especially if you have a large crew. And Sam’s Club is one of the premier names in the biz. So it’s big news when a giant like that teams up with MindField Online. Check it out!

MindField Online + Sam’s Club = Another HUGE Opportunity!!!

MindField Online has entered into a corporate partnership with Sam’s Club and will manage the Sam’s Partnership Panel. This means more surveys will be available for our members and you can receive additional incentive earning opportunities by taking part.

To take part in this tremendous opportunity for MindField Online and all of our members, please complete this profile survey ASAP. This survey will help us to understand your use of Sam’s Club’s services and the items you tend to purchase from them.

You will receive $1.00 for completing along with an entry into the drawing for cash prizes totaling $1,000.00. All incentives and winnings will be posted to your account within 10-14 days of the study completion.

Then you will see a Click to Join link. The Partnership Panel is open for Sam’s Club members. So, if you aren’t a Sam’s member, but someone else in the household is, then that person can participate and get the incentive. So go to your Member Home page and give it a shot!

Retailers Battle Against “Showrooming”

It’s called Showrooming, and it’s becoming an issue. You go into the big box store, looking to buy a Blu-Ray player. You look at the models while the kid in the blue shirt explains the pros and cons of each. So far, so good. Then, you whip out your smartphone and snap a few pics, zap a QR code or two, and do a little online comparison shopping. Ultimately, armed with all of this consumer knowledge, you leave the store, go home, and make your purchase online. So, from Best Buy’s point of view, they are doing all the work while Amazon gets the sale.

So brick-and-mortar stores are getting creative.

Now some big retailers are taking a new approach to the dreaded showrooming by transforming their stores into extensions of their own online operations. Wal-Mart, Macy’s, Best Buy, Sears, the Container Store and other retailers are stepping up efforts to add Web return centers, pickup locations, free shipping outlets, payment booths and even drive-thru customer service centers for online sales to their brick-and-mortar buildings. Memphis Commercial Appeal

Additionally, Wal-Mart is letting people order online, pick up at the store, and pay in cash – which is a surprising chunk of business for them. Meanwhile Sears is introducing drive-thru pickup – and even drive thru returns (if you have ever stood in line at the Service Desk, you know that sounds AWESOME!)

So, what do you think? Are you a Showroomer? (It’s OK – we’re all friends here!) Have you seen any of these new developments at you favorite brick-and-mortar store? Let us know…read the original article…and have a great weekend!


Credit Crunch?

…or not?

I was preparing a blog post about how Americans were getting their act together on credit cards. Specifically, that our rate of late payments was the lowest in 5 years, suggesting that we were getting our financial houses in order, paying down debt, getting on the right track, etc, But, just now, I see that…

Consumer credit climbed more than forecast in May, led by the biggest jump in credit-card debt in almost five years that may signal Americans are struggling to make ends meet.

The continuing soft job market seems to be the culprit, putting a damper on consumer confidence. But, there are things we must have and, it appears, we are now putting them on the ol’ plastic. The sad thing is, whether this is healthy or not, business and government don’t seem to care—as long as you are spending!

As for me, I had my share of youthful credit mistakes. I cleaned it up, paid it off and I haven’t looked back. But these are tough times. How are you handling it? More credit purchases? Less? Charging but paying it off quickly? Let us know!


Spending Less, Barbecuing More

Fun with statistics: Independence Day edition!

According to a survey by Visa credit cards:

  • 21% of Americans didn’t celebrate the 4th of July this year, up from 18% last year.
  • Of those who celebrated, we spent an average of $191, versus $216 last year.
  • Midwesterners spent the most, $211; Northeasterners spent the least at $171.

Analysts who watch the economy, looking for any clue as to the state of our finances, wonder why. Is the decrease in spending results from tighter family budgets, or is it because the holiday fell on Wednesday this year?

Either way, spending might be down, but celebrating with family and friends at a barbecue is actually up. A different survey shows that 68% of us either hosted or attended a BBQ…the highest number in a decade.

“The Fourth of July is all about community, and that’s a white-hot want right now for many Americans who feel increasingly disconnected (due to) divisive politics … and less-nourishing techno-fueled relationships.”   USA Today

So, what did you do? Spend less, BBQ more? No change in habits? Did the economy factor into your plans? We want to know !

Anyway, we hope you had a nice 4th…and a great weekend ahead!

Genetically Modified Foods?

Do you know GMO? Short for Genetically Modified Organisms, they are scientifically-created/ enhanced/ altered components introduced into food. And they’re starting to cause a stir.

Hypothetically speaking, let’s say we could use science to make a feed hog or steer produce less, uh, poop. This would produce less methane, which supposedly reduces greenhouse gas. Or, less hysterically, let’s say there was some new chemical or mutation that could make an ear of corn twice as big. You may be all for these outcomes, but would you eat these foods? Or, would you at least like to know about their origins?

That’s the gist behind a petition signed by over a million Americans – not to ban these foods, but to force more descriptive labeling. Why?

Polls indicate that 40 percent of U.S. consumers believe that GMO foods are dangerous. Another 40 percent are unsure.  Editorial, Billings Gazette

What do you think? We aren’t taking a particular stand (but the original article is, for sure,) just asking the question. Do genetically modified foods concern you or not? Yes or no, do you want to know the specifics of each food? Let us know!