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Fun on the Fourth!

Bar none, the least-read post of the year! So, I will keep it brief. Daily Infographic is a cool resource, always laying out topics in a fun, visual, super-readable fashion. You should check them out DAILY, as their name suggests. Here is their take on Independence Day 2014. Click the pic to embiggen, as they say. July-4th-infographic_final

And here’s the mo-riginal: http://dailyinfographic.com/4th-of-july-cheat-sheet-infographic

How about you? Will you be among the 66% displaying an American flag? The 76% getting together with family? The 26% blowing your fingers off with your own fireworks? Let us know over at the MindField Online Facebook page, and HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!

Independence Day by the Numbers!

redwhiteyouBy this time next Friday, we will still be on the front end of the long Independence Day weekend – though, sadly, not as long as last year, when it fell on Wednesday! So, are you staying home (more of us are) ? Or taking a trip (fewer, and spending more) ? Either way, there’s a price tag on your “4th Fun” – because this is America, dang it!

Continuing a long MindFieldLive tradition, it’s Independence Day by the Numbers!

$300: Average spent on holiday parties

$39: Average spent on fireworks

40 million: Number of us taking a July 4th trip this year. Down 300K from last year

613: Average miles traveled per trip

$747: Average amount families spend per trip. Same as last year

3 million: Number of us flying – up 10%

84%: The percentage of travelers going by car, vs. plane

$3.60: Average price of a gallon of gas. Up 11% from last year

BTW, if you ARE entertaining at home, here’s an article that tells you how to save some bux!

What are YOUR plans this year? Hit us up on Facebook, and have a great weekend!

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Spending Less, Barbecuing More

Fun with statistics: Independence Day edition!

According to a survey by Visa credit cards:

  • 21% of Americans didn’t celebrate the 4th of July this year, up from 18% last year.
  • Of those who celebrated, we spent an average of $191, versus $216 last year.
  • Midwesterners spent the most, $211; Northeasterners spent the least at $171.

Analysts who watch the economy, looking for any clue as to the state of our finances, wonder why. Is the decrease in spending results from tighter family budgets, or is it because the holiday fell on Wednesday this year?

Either way, spending might be down, but celebrating with family and friends at a barbecue is actually up. A different survey shows that 68% of us either hosted or attended a BBQ…the highest number in a decade.

“The Fourth of July is all about community, and that’s a white-hot want right now for many Americans who feel increasingly disconnected (due to) divisive politics … and less-nourishing techno-fueled relationships.”   USA Today

So, what did you do? Spend less, BBQ more? No change in habits? Did the economy factor into your plans? We want to know !

Anyway, we hope you had a nice 4th…and a great weekend ahead!