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Survey: Olympic Athletes are Smart with Money

When it comes to money matters, the stereotypical image of the Dumb Jock does not apply to today’s Olympic athletes.

…Olympians aren’t just fitter than the rest of us—they’re more financially savvy, too. That’s according to official Team USA sponsor TD Ameritrade, which surveyed 254 Olympic athletes. Most of them said that they thought their athletic training contributed to their financial discipline.  USNews.com

For example, suppose they win big at the Games, and get a sweeet Nike or Kellogg’s deal or something. How would they handle their money?

  • 40% save or invest
  • 33% pay down debt
  • 20% charity or share with friends or family
  • 03% would blow it all on hats

An interesting angle, as seen in the quote above, is the Discipline. We have all said, “If I ever come into money, I am going to start making better decisions!” But these jocks are already making good choices. 70% are “consciously saving for the future,” and over half make regular automated deposits to a savings account.

So, I guess the question is, “Where can I get ME some of that discipline!?”  What do you think? Let us know! And enjoy the Games!