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2/16/11 OK, it’s been 5 months, and now over 6,200 fans! Now, to be like the entire REST of the internet, the new comments are on top. Enjoy!


1/12/11   Well, it’s been 4 months, and now over 5,000 fans! We thought we’d keep this post active and drop in the nice comments we get from time to time. New comments are at the bottom. Thanks again for your membership, your support and your kind words! XOXOX

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MindField Online Internet Panels has been on Facebook for a little over three months. In that time we have grown from zero fans to (any minute now) 4,000 fans!

We took a moment to look back on some of our user comments to pull up some of the nice things our fans have had to say about MindField Online. Remember, these are actual comments, and you can look them up right on our Facebook page!

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Debra says: I love your site!! You have great surveys and once in a while I get to actually try some of these products in my home. I like to give my opinion and I say it like I see it. Keep up the good work – you have a faithful survey taker in me!!

Buck says: I love Mindfield! They pay good!

Kayla says: Thanks for all the awesome surveys! As an encouragement to new pollers, it really is pretty nice when you get to cash out into Paypal or via check 🙂 Good night-out-with-the-spouse money!

Carol says: I’m a newbee…I just signed up and thought I would check out the facebook page. I like that Mindfield actually answers all the posts!

Rebecca says: I have been doing this since 2006. I have made some decent cash from these surveys. I have done three that paid $25 or more. Others are a buck here and there – they add up! It’s legitimate, and you do earn money – no bs:)

Mariela says: This is a legit site! Great product testing and good surveys! I’ve been a member since 2009 =)

Martha says: MindField Online you have been nothing but a godsend to me! God bless you all! Keep up the good work!

Cecelia says: MindField Online Internet Panel is the best survey site I have EVER been a part of! Keep up the great work! If anyone needs some extra cash in their pocket, they need to join this really wonderful, and exceptionally easy survey site,

Ann says: Love, love, LOVE MindField surveys!! You have the best surveys of all the survey companies that I have dealt with – just wish you would send me more of them…. so keep ’em coming

Elizabeth says: I like MindField. They pay quick, and they keep track of what you do…what more can you ask for?

Vera says: Greetings, friends. Mindfield Online is a good company to participate as a survey opinion member. You have the opportunity to share your opinion about various products before they hit the market (or even after they are already on the shelves). You also get paid to share your opinions. Now you won’t get rich this way or earn enough to feed the family or pay the electric bill, but you will see a few extra dollars come your way. Enjoy.

Kristi says: I have been a member for a long time and I really like taking there surveys and rewards. Thanks MindField!

Sandy says: I just love taking surveys for MindField Online Internet Panels!!!! Thanks guys!!!

Melissa says: I love MindField surveys! They are fun and I’ve made some cash too! Thanks!!!

Kelli says: This is a very good site. I have been with them for a long time and they always pay!!

Laura says: Thank you MindField!!! Can’t believe I’ve been with your group over a year now! So nice to get rewarded for sharing your opinions! Love my groups!!! 🙂

Sarah says: I love MINDFIELD ONLINE !!! They pay quick and the surveys are easy!!!

Mary says: I’ve been with MindField for a very long time and I love you guys. You just keep on coming with new and interesting surveys. Welcome to Facebook, and thanks again.

Jack says: Thanks for the opportunity to voice my opinion. MindField, you offer relevant panels with great rewards…KUDOS

Marie says: My husband just cashed out for $27 dollars! They always pay too so never fear MindField Online Internet Panels DO PAY! MindField totally rocks!

Jennifer says: MindField is awesome. I have made 35.00 and have received more products to try out than I can count. Thank you for the opportunity to let my voice be heard and let me try out the new products. The money is nice to stash for x-mas in these tough times 🙂

Martha says: MindField Online you are awesome! Best online survey group that has ever happened to me! Happy holidays guys – keep the faith and good work! Love ya all!

Sarah says: I love you guys!! I had a question about money that was pending on my account and I called you and you answered my questions and took care of it right away. You guys and gals are great!! Thank you.

Melanie says: I have been a member for over 3 years. I love this site. Surveys come regularly, easy to complete and payouts are easy.

Judith says: MindField is a legit, professional survey company.  They always pay – and pay promptly!

Timmie says: This is a great survey company that actually pays! And no hoops to jump through!

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So there’s a sampling of some our Facebook fan comments. We know that not EVERY MindField Online member is this happy. Depending on a lot of factors, different people have different levels of satisfaction. But please know that we read EVERY SINGLE COMMENT on our Facebook page. We look into complaints and problems, and we are always trying to make it a better online consumer panel experience for you!

Bringing Clarity to Online Survey Qualification

If you are a member of MindField Online Internet Panels – or any other reputable online survey company – you know that it can be hard to qualify for surveys at times. Sometimes you respond to an invitation, begin to answer some of the background questions and, before you know it, the survey has “kicked you out.” That can be a bummer, and you have probably wondered why it happens. Today, we will try to explain.

Actually we are making it a permanent page here on the MindField Online Internet Panels WordPress site. To continue reading this epic (that means LONG) piece, click HERE.