Genetically Modified Foods?

Do you know GMO? Short for Genetically Modified Organisms, they are scientifically-created/ enhanced/ altered components introduced into food. And they’re starting to cause a stir.

Hypothetically speaking, let’s say we could use science to make a feed hog or steer produce less, uh, poop. This would produce less methane, which supposedly reduces greenhouse gas. Or, less hysterically, let’s say there was some new chemical or mutation that could make an ear of corn twice as big. You may be all for these outcomes, but would you eat these foods? Or, would you at least like to know about their origins?

That’s the gist behind a petition signed by over a million Americans – not to ban these foods, but to force more descriptive labeling. Why?

Polls indicate that 40 percent of U.S. consumers believe that GMO foods are dangerous. Another 40 percent are unsure.  Editorial, Billings Gazette

What do you think? We aren’t taking a particular stand (but the original article is, for sure,) just asking the question. Do genetically modified foods concern you or not? Yes or no, do you want to know the specifics of each food? Let us know!

2 thoughts on “Genetically Modified Foods?”

  1. Yes, GMO foods do concern me. I don’t think they are good for any of us and that the children are going into puberty at an earlier age because of growth hormones. We are messing around with mother nature way too much and we are paying for it with our health!

  2. Interorganism genetically alterations scare me because I don’t understand it.

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