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1/21/14: MindField Online has over 41,000 Facebook fans! Let’s hear from some of them. Latest comments are on top. Then scroll past Previous Updates to see dozens and dozens more! Thanks again!

Latest Comments:

Linda said: Good surveys, easy way to make extra money!

Kaci said: This is a very good Survey site to earn a little extra cash.

Sandra said: I love MindField Online Internet Panels!

Shirley said: MindField is great!!

Tammie said: I enjoy being a member of minefield, it’s actually fun!

Kimberly said: I’ve been a member of MindField Online since 2010 N’ just linked with my FB account!!!!!! LOVE THIS COMPANY!! MindField has always been fair, paid well & without hassle, I’ve never had a problem so if you’ve been curious about joining—JUST DO IT ALREADY!!!!!!!!!……………LOL SERIOUSLY I’M GLAD I DID!! AND TO THE MINDFIELD “PEEPS”………THANX, YER ALL AWESOME

Lois said: If you are interested in helping companies make decisions regarding their products and which areas of sales they want to expand into…if you enjoy helping to shape the future of the companies whose products you purchase, then this is a great company to work with.

I have worked with many different companies doing surveys over the years, and there are really only a handful of them that I would highly recommend to my friends and family. MindField is right at the top of that list. Your earning potential is limitless, all they ask is that you share their sense of integrity. Their pay rate is fair and I have never, ever had a problem receiving any earnings from them. They also have a terrific support team, and the community of people who work with them is full of people just like you who want to earn some spare cash and help to shape the market. Just be honest, be yourself, and enjoy the job.

Bear in mind that the quicker you respond to their emails concerning survey openings, the more likely you are to make the spare money you are looking for as they have a large community of great people working with them, and the surveys do fill quickly. Always interesting, always fun, I seldom look at it as a job, but rather as a pleasure. Join us, and have fun with it!

Cathy said: Best surveys in the Midwest! (Last time, Forest said: Best surveys in the west!)


Previous Comments:

9/24/13: MindField Online has over 38,000 Facebook fans!

8/9/13: MindField Online has over 36,000 Facebook fans!

6/14/13: MindField Online has almost 35,000 Facebook fans!

04/26/13:  MindField Online has almost 34,000 Facebook fans!

10/05/12:  Two years, and almost 30,000 MindField Online Facebook fans!

06/08/12:  Twenty-one months, and over 25,000 MindField Online Facebook fans!

03/27/12: Eighteen months, and over 22,000 MindField Online Facebook fans!

11/4/2011: Fourteen months and over 16,000 Facebook fans!

9/13/11: Twelve months and just a couple Likes shy of 14,000 Facebook fans.

8/17/11: Eleven months and 12, 674 fans!

7/19/11: Ten months and 11,000 Facebook fans!

5/31/11:  Eight months, 8400 Facebook fans!

4/29/11: Seven months, 7700+ Facebook fans! 

3/16/11: Six months and almost 6800 Facebook fans! 

2/16/11: Five months, and over 6,200 Facebook fans!  

1/12/11  Four months, and now over 5,000 Facebook fans!

December 2010: Three months and 4,000 Facebook fans!

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Original Post:

December 2010: MindField Online Internet Panels has been on Facebook for a little over three months. In that time we have grown from zero fans to (any minute now) 4,000 fans!

We took a moment to look back on some of our user comments to pull up some of the nice things our fans have had to say about MindField Online. Remember, these are actual comments, and you can look them up right on our Facebook page!

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Forest says: Best surveys in the west!

Nilda says: I always love all the products and the original ways MindFeld gives to the members… I have been a member a long time, even before they were on Facebook. I can only say that MindField has been and it is a great company… I will always recommend MindField – it’s a very truthful company. Thank you and God bless you all.

Janice says: One of the best survey companies around. Always tells you up front what you make & how long the survey is!!!!

Terry says: I love doing the Mindfield surveys.

Isolina says: Very interesting surveys love it.

Natasha says: Join in, make cash, that simple!

Theresa says: Hello everyone, try this place, they have cool and interesting subject matter and they really pay for your opinion, too!

Harriet says: This is one of my favorite survey panels.  I have been a member for years. It is one of the best.

Judy says: I have cashed out many times on this site.

Shirley says: Really enjoy MindField Online Panels!! Keep those surveys coming. Thank you.

Patrick says: It is quite interesting to participate in online internet panel survey, and I have invited some of my friends too.

Gabriel says: Es genial. (“It’s great!”)

Paul says: Try this out. Earn a few extra bucks by giving your opinion and help shape the future products offered and how things are marketed.

Jeffery says: One of the best survey groups around!

Maryellen says: Interesting way to let companies know what you think about their products.

Wendy says: MindField will blow your mind with awesome panels you’ll love!

Pat says: Love to do the surveys at MindField!

Boni says: Helps pass the time!

Karen says: I enjoy reading the books and answering the questions!

Lorna Marie says: Just want to say hello to everyone! Love MindField! I look forward to each survey opportunity! It is FUN and it makes me feel like I am making a difference in helping Companies provide quality products to American consumers.

James says: Glad to be on board!!!

Louetta says: I hope that our relationship is a fantastic one I always wanted to make extra cash or to get Wal-Mart gift cards as I do all my shopping there. Thanks so much!

Sammye says: Have fun and get paid doing surveys.

Elia says: Making extra money is grand!

Francisca says: I love this survey site!

Manuel says: I like this page!

Mary says: this is a good survey panel!!

Siouxzi (love that name!) says: Hi – Just wanted to let you know how cool I think your company is. The $5.00 cash out now is great. Not having to wait till you get to $50.00, like every other survey site, is a dream! Thanx for everything!

Mary says: I have been with MindField for over 10 yrs, they are one of my favorite survey panels, they are quick to pay and I love the new cashout options, ie, PayPal, Amazon gift cards. I love their product tests I’ve done so many for them I can’t count. Just saying thanks again, MindField Online.

Donna says: I’ve earned REAL money on Mindfield Online internet Panels, thanks!

Lorenzo says (in all caps :-0) I LIKE BEING A MEMBER OF MINDFIELD!

Steven says: Thank you for the opportunity!

John says: Great way to earn some extra money!

Truman says: A fun survey site!

Lisa says: I like Mindfield Online Internet Panels!

Harry says: Another good place to make some extra money in spare time.

Timmie says: Still LOVE Mindfield!! Proud to be a member!

Jeanette says: I really like Mindfield Surveys. I wish I qualified more often, but I still get to do some and also product tests from Mindfield. I really enjoy being a member!

Shirley said: I really enjoy being a part of MindField! Thank you for letting me be a member!!

Lisa said: I like MindField Online Internet Panels!

Harry said: Another good place to make some extra money in your spare time.


(Earn money extra just answering a survey!)

Cheryl said:  Sumthang 2 look into!

Mel said:  i just made $$$$$$ dollars at MindField surveys

Tameka said:  Come join here.

Nilda said: I’ve been a MindField member since 2009, and it is a company that hasn’t failed me.  This is real, not like others that offer and don’t give anything. I have to thank MindField for having me as a member for so long.

Lisa said: Thank you MindField Online Internet Panels!

Becky said:  Let’s do some surveys!

Hugh said: You can take this to the bank!

Cynthia said:  Always anxious to participate in surveys where I feel that my opinion may actually make a difference.

Sarah said:  I love MindField! Great surveys and great incentives!

Shannon said:  I LOVE this site. I have taken numerous surveys and I’ve done 2 product tests for (company she loves). Keep it coming, MindField!!

Abbidula said: Ready to hit the threshold again. Sign up to become a member!

Cornelius said:  MindField is the best web site out there

Damodaran said: Really interesting to participate in survey after retirement from my Government job.

Igor said: A year ago today, I won a $500 prize from MindField. Thanks a lot! Hope to win more prizes

Joan said: Thank you MindField! Now I have some $$ for online shopping!!

Mallory said: This is one of the best sites I’ve found to take surveys & earn money!!

Sharon said:  I’m a new member here and loving it!

Laurette said:  Thank you! Your studies give me a little extra spending cash.

Joanna said: I just got a $20.00 check from MindField Online Internet Panels!!

Lisa said:  If you like taking surveys and getting your rewards as promised, with no hassles, check out MindField.

Charles said:  Like them. They pay as advertised!

Jennifer said: Like taking surveys? Check out this one.

Janet said:  Make $ using MindField

Candace said: Ready to rake in some extra money with some great survey from MindField Online. Thanks MindField. 🙂

Karen said: MindField Online is great!

Terri said: MindField rocks!

Sandra says: I just got paid $12.00 for giving MindField my opinion – I like this!

Michael says: Completing online surveys is a great way to earn extra money.

Martha says: I’ve earned money by keeping diaries of items purchased on a few occasions! Like $25 each time!! I like this survey site! Check it out!

Steve says: Y’all need to check out this great survey site.

Abbidula says: Just rolled in another dollar bill and itching for more scratch.This is great with the any amount cashout plan. Join now and you can also benefit from these rewards.

Amy says: Love the new cashout options!

Marie says: Free money and points for the Holidays!

Martina says: Great surveys!

Shelly says: Good company!

Justin says: Just Redeemed $11.00 Via PayPal, and can’t wait to participate in the upcoming product test I qualified for.

Sharon says: This is a terrific and easy way to earn some cash. Answer questions, what could be simpler?

Carol says: Just wanted to come by and say Thanks, I cashed out for $10 last week and got my payment via PayPal today. LOVE this site. 🙂

Sonja says: I love this stuff!

Ayoo says: It’s really awesome!

Michelle says: Extra cash or Gift Cards are always nice.

Samantha says: I joined…. extra cash for a few surveys…YES!

Jennifer says: I am LOVING all the surveys I am involved in. This is fun!!!

Jo says: Wonderful survey panel!!!!

Shawn says: I’ve been with MindField for a few months now and have made about 60 bucks in Amazon cash. Not too bad!

Royce says: Check it out! Earn cash in your spare time!

Diane says: Love this company!

Patricia says: I would like to invite my Facebook friends to check out MindField Online Internet Panels, I like it.

David says: I’ve been with MindField for about four years and I think they are Awesome 😉

Teresa says: Well, Thanks MindField! First time answering a survey and qualified! Other companies I have answered questions for a long time to find out I didn’t qualify! How new and surprising!

Cynthia says: Love MindField site!

Helen says: I really enjoy this survey!

Holly says: My favorite survey site!! 🙂

Heather says: Great survey company. Questions make sense and surveys are worth something. Small cash out levels make it possible to actually USE it.

Paula says: I have taken some really good surveys and earn between $1 and $10 for each of them

Brandie says: I just signed up on the website and it sounds very interesting…Actually live in West Virginia and read the Article in the Charleston Gazette about The McMillions and MindField…Its Great that they are a local company who started small and is now BIG, another success story from Wild And Wonderful West Virginia!!!!

Norma says: MindField Online Internet Panels are as good as it gets. If you have not signed up with them yet you really need to. They are great and their pay is even better!


Raul says (originally en espanol) Friends, join Mindfield Online Internet Panels! and can increase your daily earnings! Mindfield is acting very seriously and their surveys are interesting!

Mary says: Mindfield is an awesome survey site. They will allow you to cash out with a check, paypal, gift card, etc. All of their surveys are very interesting. Whenever I qualify, I am excited to participate in the survey offered.

Nancy says: Love the new Amazon cash out rules…thanks!

Wendy says: Just finished my first successful survey with MindField Online internet panels…. WOW! What a GREAT survey experience! I can honestly say, as a person who takes surveys with several survey sites on a regular basis, that “THIS” is the best single survey experience I have had yet! I look forward to hopefully receiving MANY MANY MORE Surveys with this awesome survey site!

Deborah Jean says: Easy way to earn extra cash, everyone should try it. This is no scam – it really works!

Gina says: Want to earn some cash? take this…they have some interesting surveys and u don’t even have to leave your home..

Joe says: Love this site! Easy money earned and fun.

Ruthie says: I just got $21.00 Amazon gift code few days ago. I am so glad that I am member and enjoy answer the different survey and earn rewards. 🙂

Roshall says: Love the new cashout, great thinking mindfield and Happy Easter to you all and all members.

Wayne says: Hi. I have made some very easy cash on this site. YES It is real. NOT A SCAM. You do get real money. with a pay pal account you can get money directly to your account. no hassels. give it a try!

Billie says: I would love for my friends on Facebook to please add themselves to MindField so you can earn cash and prizes!

Susie says: I have been a member quite a long time, and I have to say MindField is my favorite survey site online! Some months are better than others but I can say they always pay and value your opinions.

Tawnya says: Love this Site/company– Lots of great things to test. I have been having a blast! I recommend this site for anyone that likes freebies of things they love and would buy anyway!

Katherine says: MindField is a great site. I’ve been a member for a few years and they have the most amazing surveys and they really value you opinion. And while you’re at it you can earn some cash. I ♥ you guys…

Jennifer says: I love this company have been with them for many years have also sent me full size products to try out. I am looking forward to doing more love doing surveys.

Vicente says (in Spanish!): Me gustaria llenar algunas encuestas con MindField Online! (I like filling out surveys on MindField Online!)

Karen says: (The $2500 holiday giveaway) is another reason why this is one of my favorite survey sites!

Stacey says: Hope as many people want to earn money and like to win like we do…. Feel free to call me or ask me about this company I have done surveys with them for years.

Janet says: Who doesn’t LOVE MINDFIELD ONLINE? I do and have since 2007!

Joaquim says (in Portuguese!): Quer fazer dinheiro extra, vem comigo!  (If you want to make extra money, come with me!

Bette says: I use any MindField money to get Amazon gift certificates. I save them all year and use them for Christmas shopping.

Marika says: MindField offers some great opportunities to express our opinions and earn cash. Sammy (my cat) always helps with surveys with his paws!

Hermann says: In all honesty, there are no other surveys panels out there like MindField. It is simply unique and the best hands down…

Mike says: A survey company that takes care of its panel of members!

Dallas says: I can say the surveys are real and u can make real money been doing it since last year cashed out several times feel free to message if u want more info

Jo Anne says: I appreciate this opportunity to get a little extra $

Donna says: As always, still the best survey site online..

Signy says: I like this company! They’re honest in their dealings.

Susan says: Mindfield offers an excellent way to earn additional income!!!!

Diane says: MineField just wanted to let you know that you guys are great. I’ve been doing surveys since 2010 and the rewards are great!!! Thanks so much

Nilda says: Love MindField. You can get wonderful and easy to do surveys. I’ve been with them around 2 years. You won’t be disappointed…register and start earning cash & prizes.

JoHelen says: MindField pays cash & you can request payment as soon as you earn $5, so you can earn some extra money quickly.

Margaret says: This is a great survey company and it is free to join plus you earn cash money for taking surveys. Great!! You don’t have to wait long to cash out and you don’t have to have points to cash out with, like some companies you have to have 1000 plus points before you can even cash out. One more great thing is you don’t have to take online cash cards for restaurants, don’t like those, I want the cash in my hands that is my best payment ever.

Juanita says: I never liked surveys much until I got involved with Mindfield. I get paid a few bucks to take their surveys and sometimes they send me “new” products to sample. It’s fun. Check it out and let them know that I sent you. Thanks!!

Gary says: MindField is a goldfield!

Jess says: Love this site! Definitely the best. The surveys are well worth the time put in. And at a minimum of $5 cash-out you can’t really beat it 🙂 thanks!

Theresia says: Great survey company if you would like to earn money for just a few minutes of your time.

Cheryl says: Love this site. You do make money! I just cashed out $10.00 and look forward to making more!

Teri says: I love your survey site because earnings accumulate quickly. Thanks for being such an efficient company.

Delores B says: MindField is an awesome way to make a little extra money.

Sarah says: I love MindField Online!! I have been a member for over 2 years!!

Delores G says: MindField is a good way to voice your opinion and get rewarded. Try it out!

Dianna says: I’m SO loving MindField! If people don’t take advantage of this opportunity then they are really missing out on a chance to make a statement and give their opinion. To my friends, and especially students, moms, etc., it’s a great chance for you all. Join me!

Roberta says: I have already been paid from MindField once & I just completed a really fast, fun & easy survey! LOVE MINDFIELD LIVE!!! ♥ Happy Halloween to all of you at MindField & on Facebook!

Debra says: I would like all of my friends join MINDFIELD ONLINE internet panels! What a great way to earn some extra money for the holidays by taking surveys. You also have a chance to win prizes!

Gwendolyn says: This is really cool. I have been a MindField Online panelist for many years.

Snowfazam says: Just noticing the great new member updates w/the referral links. Thanks!!! I’ve been a member for several years and I enjoy it!

Helen says: I am taking surveys from MindField Online Internet Panels and I am making money. Try it and see how you do!

Donna says: This is the one survey site that has never disappointed me. There is always something fresh with surveys and product. Thank you MindField! We love you! Keep ‘em coming!

Felicia says: MindField is excellent. Great survey company. Love the PayPal and payout options. If you are not signed up with this company, do it now!

Melissa says: I love the “Live” survey opportunities! Thanks for coming up with even more ways we can make much needed extra cash 🙂

Trish says: Absolutely love MindField Online. I’ve done some cool product testing and looking forward to more!

Perry says: Always love to see the survey invites in my mailbox. Thanks for keeping them fresh… and keep them coming!

Lyndsey says: Being a poor college student, MindField is one of my FAVORITE survey websites. Every time I receive a check in the mail, it is like Christmas! I also like MindField because it’s not like one of those mediocre Internet Panels that you rack up points in and redeem them for crappy prizes that you didn’t really want, or need… Thanks MindField!

Roshall says: They are the only ones who pay on time and give interesting surveys i just love ya.

Brenda says: Enjoy your surveys, always interesting!!

Helen says: This is a great place to do surveys.

Leona says: I like that you can actually talk to a person…a real person! Great Job MindField!! It gives me hope with all the technology today that there really are people doing jobs online.

Marilyn says: LOVE MINDFIELD ONLINE !!!!!

Regina says: I have been a member for years, and I LOVE it! Keep up the good work, guys!! ♥

Gail says: MindField is a great way to earn payouts.

Beth says: I LOVE MINDFIELD! I have been doing surveys for MindField for many years. LOVE LOVE LOVE the product testing!!!

Lisa says: MindField is the real deal, I love this company.

Sandra says: Join MindField Online panel it a great survey to do u received cash and great prizes.

Liz says: Excellent survey experiences, excellent payouts!

Andrea Ann says: I really enjoy doing surveys with MindField Online!

Timmie says: It sure makes you proud when you go to the store & find the product you tested knowing that you helped make it available to others!! Also, there’s a bunch of fine fun folk here. No auto response computers! Amazing what a relief it is to talk to real people!! You guys make this panel fun!!!!!

Jaime says: I signed up with MindField in 2006 and absolutely love them. They are awesome! They offer amazing survey opportunities and they have great payouts. Besides that they are the best at what they do!

Kirk says: MindField is the best reliable survey company out there. I started about 3 years ago and I love sharing my opinion and testing new products, and the incentives are great! I have never had a problem with them – they are trustworthy!

Jennifer says: I like MindField. It’s entertaining and I like answering the questions. Also, I seem to get a lot more invites since I’ve filled out the profile questionnaires.

Laura says: Great survey site for all newbies! Get on board with MindField and make your opinion count!

Blake says: Great survey site. Not many out there that are honest but this one is! Keep up the great work MindField!

Roshall says: I love this site, and just made few more dollars. I think they are the fastest to credit you. Thanks MindField!

Iree says: This is an amazing site!

Marvin says: Good panel to be part of!

Karen says: Enjoy the surveys – like the cash!

Angie says: I just love being a member of the MindField panel – it’s a great panel to be on!

Andrea Ann says: Doing surveys with MindField online has been enjoyable!

Jean says: I have been doing surveys for about 7 years – I really enjoy them!

Linda says: I have been doing surveys for 2 years now, and I really enjoy doing them!!!!

Sandy says: I have been a member for a while now. I have cashed out a few times! The best part is giving my opinion!!

Russell says: Great company to do surveys for!

Toni says: I was not really sure when I signed up for MindField but its nothing like the rest. I really like it!!

Shirley says: This is one of my favorite survey companies!

Jennie says: Thanks MindField. This is a great way to add to my income…

Monica says: Been a member for years. Great incentives! Thank u MindField. Keep um comin!

Audra Ann says: I love this website. I signed up a long time ago and I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to get a little extra cash! 🙂

Timberly says: This is very much the real deal!! Love it!!

Andrea Ann says: I really enjoy doing surveys with MindField Online!

Janna says: Thanks for being one of the best survey companies out there. I am just about to cash out and start my vacation fund to the Florida Keys! ♥

Lisa says: My balance is adding up!! Join and you too can make some cash just by doing surveys!!!

Diane says: If anyone is wondering if MindField is the real deal and really does pay you real money, I’ve made quite a bit of money from them. I cash out and I get my check within 4-6 weeks. It’s real! Thank you, Mindfield!

Michael says: This is a wonderful opportunity to be heard and valued.

Jimmy says: I am a member. It is cool to get paid for telling people what u think. And also, your opinion matters!!! That is something people do not believe in anymore. This company does. TY

Mary says: I’ve found this true with all but 1 online survey companies. It gets old fast to waste a bunch of time for nothing. This is one survey place I’ve been successful with and they are a class act.

Linda says: Just cashed out to the tune of $74, this will help make my daughter’s birthday a little bit better. Thank You

Kimberly says: Join this great company! I love it! I have gotten many great product tests and I can cash out PayPal, which I love. Thanks MindField Online Internet Panels!

Jenn and Miguel say: Love MindField already! Just joined and it’s a super great survey company!!!

Madonna says: Just wanted to tell all my friends that MindField Online is a great place to earn a few dollars while doing surveys about interesting subjects.

Donna says: Hey everybody try this survey site a little extra cash and good products to test they pay through PayPal too

Maxcine says: Nice way to kill some time and earn a little money!!

Janet says: This is a good way to make some gas money! Come join!

Fiona says: What a great way to help get your opinion out there, and make a few $$ while you’re doing it. Thanks MindField.

Donald says: MindField is a good format to make a free paycheck or PayPal deposit of $5.00 dollars to put in your pocket or bank account when you’re getting low on funds 😉

Jerry says: People you need to get aboard, this is one good way to make some extra money, and get some products to try and keep and get paid for it, jump on in!

Joy says: I have been a member for at least 5 years …love the surveys!

Jimmy says: This is a way to make money slowly with points and you can cash in points in to money or donote to your favorite charity. I have been with them along time. they keep getting better.. We need more Companies like MindField… We would have better products on the open market – l Like we should to begin with!!! God Bless

Marie says: MindField Online Panels is one of the survey sites that pays!

Andrew says: by FAR one of the best survey sites online, it’s great to express my opinion on the interesting topics and alot of fun to test products at home, Mindfield is the Best! I use the rewards for “me” things when I need something!

Carla says: I love how I have gotten to test products for you, always so much fun!!

Gloria says: One of the only survey sites I know of with a $5.00 cash out, others require $20.00 to 35.00, $5.00 is most refreshing. Hope to hang around a little longer with MindField.

Alana says: I have already made nearly $60 doing these surveys, going to put the money towards my air miles 🙂

Matt says: What a great way to earn extra cash!

Krystle says: Have been doing these surveys for over 6 years now. I use the extra money I earn to treat myself every once in a while.

Tammy says: I have been a member of MindField since September 2004. I have done in home product tests as well as take some very interesting surveys. This is by far one of the better survey panels there are out there. I have tried other survey companies but no others have come close to being as good as MindField.

Carey says: I have been a member for a while but didn’t take much time with it until recently. I am now hooked!!

Mona says: Extra money in my pocket– not bad!

Andrea says: Totally cool panel! I’ve been a member since 2008! I’m about to cash out now! Thank you MindField Online for being legit and very user friendly! Keep ’em coming! : )

Geraldine says: Great survey site. I have belonged for a long time and it is one of the best!

Donna says: Best survey site going…lots of interesting surveys!

Jeanette says: I love this survey panel. I’m so glad you pay fairly for all the surveys. Today I’m cashing out so I can help pay for gas in today’s economy!

Margaret Ann says: Hey MindField – you’re great!!! Thanks!

Paul says: Great company! They always have interesting surveys. I love testing products and knowing that my opinion counts!

Sylvia says: I’m really happy to see another way to make some extra $$!

MJ says: MindField is the BEST online internet panel!

Sierra says: Thanks for the PayPal payout option! I love this site. 🙂

Lynne says: I have been a member of Mindfield for sometime, and they have lots of different survey categories, some short , some longer than others, but they all offer a reward in return. They also have terrific home-study surveys. Those are the ones that I enjoy the most, but all- in- all Mindfield is a GREAT online internet panel. If you enjoy getting your opinions across to others than this is the place and panel you want to be on! Keep up the good work, Mindfield.

Lashonda says: I keep my profile updated, do surveys often and always receive pay. And customer service is great at dealing with any issues.

George says: I’m glad I became a member of MindField Online Internet Panels!

Avril says: I want all my friends to join!

Lillian says: I am very impressed with this new survey panel!

Rosa says: Thanks for the opportunity of be a member of MindField Online Internet Panels!

Tapas says: MindField is perfect! Very user friendly.

Sarah says: MindField is great!!! I make good money with them. You should sign up too. You’ll be glad you did.

Kayla says: I used to get disqualified from surveys, but when I updated ALL of my profile surveys I started to get more that applied better to me and I’ve been earning steadily since. I regularly update my profile and the surveys keep coming. Thanks Mindfield 🙂

Donna says: This panel is number one in my book. Great surveys that are interesting.

Jacqueline says: You can cash out with only 5 dollars. I get surveys at least 3 to 4 times weekly. Good company!

Abbidula says: I have been doing surveys for years. It’s a good way to earn money!

Debra says: I love your site!! You have great surveys and once in a while I get to actually try some of these products in my home. I like to give my opinion and I say it like I see it. Keep up the good work – you have a faithful survey taker in me!!

Buck says: I love MindField! They pay good!

Kayla says: Thanks for all the awesome surveys! As an encouragement to new pollers, it really is pretty nice when you get to cash out into Paypal or via check :) Good night-out-with-the-spouse money!

Carol says: I’m a newbee…I just signed up and thought I would check out the facebook page. I like that Mindfield actually answers all the posts!

Rebecca says: I have been doing this since 2006. I have made some decent cash from these surveys. I have done three that paid $25 or more. Others are a buck here and there – they add up! It’s legitimate, and you do earn money – no bs:)

Mariela says: This is a legit site! Great product testing and good surveys! I’ve been a member since 2009 =)

Martha says: MindField Online you have been nothing but a godsend to me! God bless you all! Keep up the good work!

Cecelia says: MindField Online Internet Panel is the best survey site I have EVER been a part of! Keep up the great work! If anyone needs some extra cash in their pocket, they need to join this really wonderful, and exceptionally easy survey site,

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So there’s a sampling of some our Facebook fan comments. We know that not EVERY MindField Online member is this happy. Depending on a lot of factors, different people have different levels of satisfaction. But please know that we read EVERY SINGLE COMMENT on our Facebook page. We look into complaints and problems, and we are always trying to make it a better online consumer panel experience for you!

8,609 thoughts on “Panelist Feedback!”

  1. Since my registration with Mindfield, i have not received invitation for any survey taking or opinion poll. I only received news through facebook and emails. kindly help me out i need dollars others.

  2. I too have not received any surveys again only receiving news through e-mail. Received some stuff in the mail and was suppose to do a survey on them but never got the survey.

    1. Hi Jayne… as far as I know, you receive invites by email, but you have go get the survey from the website yourself. You can also link up your account with Facebook, so that you see the available surveys without waiting for email. If you think there might be something wrong with your account, feel free to contact the helpdesk during regular business hours at [email protected] or 800.969.9235

  3. Just love Mindfield on lilne. They state up front what the survey is paying and how long it is. That way I know if I have time at that time to do this survey. Great Job. Again I just love this survey site. Janice

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