Smartphones for Smart Shoppers

There’s a reason why search companies, advertisers, payment processors and local merchants are so interested in smartphones. It’s because they’re turning out to be powerful and popular tools for people looking to search locally, act quickly and improve their shopping experience.

That’s the setup for a recent article at A recent survey of over 5,000 smartphone users* turned up some interesting statistics on these three points, Searching Locally, Acting Quickly, and Improving the Shopping Experience:

  • 95% of smartphone users have searched for local retailer info
  • 88% act on that info within one day
  • 77% visited search engines to get their info
  • 79% use their phone while in the store
  • 75% use their phones in the store to make their purchases

Think about that last one… you’re in the store browsing the selection of, let’s say, vacuum cleaners. You are visiting some online consumer site that compares all the models in front of you. Then, you skip the checkout line altogether and make your purchase online!

Confused by all of this “digital online window shopping?”  You aren’t alone. Everybody from Google to Wal-Mart to Sally’s Cat Toy Emporium is trying to get a handle on this new way of shopping! All we can say is Stay Tuned!

* Including many MindField Online panelists…so, while we would love to hear your thoughts on online shopping, please don’t talk specifically about the survey!

There’s an App for That!

Once upon a time (like, two years ago!) “apps” were the fried mozzarella sticks you ate while you were waiting for your dinner at Friday’s.  Well, no more. Today apps (for application software) are the hot convenience item, thanks to the explosion of smartphones.  Personally, your humble author has music, movies, maps, job search, games and weather apps clogging up his smartphone – but there are a million more out there.  As the popular tagline  goes, whatever you need to make your daily life a little more convenient – “there’s an app for that!”

According to mobile app developer…

  • 5 billion apps were downloaded in 2010. By 2013, it will be over 20 billion!
  • The average smartphone user spends over 11 hours a month using apps.
  • iPhone and Android owners use an average of 15 apps
  • Blackberry owners use an average of 8 apps
  • The top categories of mobile apps include social networking (Facebook, etc.) with 60 million users and maps with 40 million users.
  • The highest rated apps are Angry Birds (game) and Google Maps. Seriously, do you know any Angry Birds addicts? They are CONSUMED!

What do you think? Are you an app freak? Which ones are your favorites? Which ones are a waste of time? Anyway, for more fun app facts, and a look at future trends, check out ShoutEm’s infographic here.

New and Improved Survey Invitations!

UPDATE! A happy MindField Online panelist has given a thumbs-up to the new email invitation. Check it out at the bottom of the post!

*     *     *     *

Original post:

Hey gang: MindField Online has refreshed and re-formatted our email survey invitations! This cleaner, more concise invitation emphasizes the information you ARE interested in, without making you wade through the information you usually skip over anyway!

So, here’s a sneak peek at the top section of the new invitation, along with some explanations of the new look:

A: Right off the bat, this is your quick participation link to the survey. Just click and you’re on your way!

B: No guessing about your time commitment… here’s a quick estimate! If you qualify and complete, this is how long we expect the survey to take using standard systems.

C: How much money? THIS much money!

D: Your cashout progress. If you need $5 to cashout, and you have a balance of $4…that’s 80%!

We hope you like the new invitation, and find it informative and easy to use. If you have suggestions for further improvements, let us know!

*     *     *     *

We just received an early review on the new email format! Jim in California says:

“…it is absolutely excellent!   Giving real time member status info is a great feature, as is the layout of info describing the study available and the “what’s new” corner.  Moreover, being able to reply directly to the email, as I am now doing, simplifies communication by 100%.  Others require having to login and hunt around for particular page where any inquiry must be entered.  Thank you for all of that.”

Thanks Jim – we think the rest of the MindField Online family will like it, too!