Take the MindField Online Nickel Tour!

Over at the MindField Online Facebook page, we commonly hear, “I’m new—how does this whole thing work?”  That’s a pretty broad question, so we usually answer, “There’s plenty of info to be found at our website, www.mindfieldonline.com -check it out!”

But exactly what you will find has been a mystery, wrapped in a riddle, wrapped in an internet – until now!  So, keep your hands and feet inside the tram as we take an informative, exciting (but mostly informative) tour of the MindField Online Internet Panels website!

Home Page

What kinds of people make good MindField Online Internet Panels members? Awesome people, for sure, but for more specifics, click HERE.

How it Works

Would you like a simple, easy to understand explanation of how the whole MindField Online thing works? Sure you would. Here’s THIS instead!


Other than farm fresh ingredients, what steps does MindField Online Internet Panels take to ensure the quality of our data? Find out HERE.


Check out the answers to some frequently asked questions HERE. Then, take a moment to realize “So THAT’S what FAQ stands for!”


Because corporate histories are so darn exciting, click HERE to learn more about MindField Online and parent company McMillion Research.


Want to find out more about becoming a panelist for MindField Online Internet Panels? HERE is the place to find it!


Concerned about your privacy online? Hey who isn’t? Check out all the ways MindField Online goes about protecting your personal info HERE.


SWEEPSTAKES! Who is eligible? How do you enter? What are the rules? What’s all that fine print say?

And that brings us back to the lobby. We hope you have enjoyed your tour of the MindField Online Internet Panels website! Thanks for your attention. Please exit through the giftshop…

Lost in the Mail?

Attention MindField Online Users:  Stand by for some highly technical yak having to do with email providers.  Do you use any of the following email providers?





If so, keep reading…

Some email providers tend to “rate limit” our emails frequently due to a number of reasons. This is in spite of our “white listing” provisions and your “double opt-in requirement.”  This means our emails to you are often delayed and sometimes never received.

What’s this mean to you? It means you miss survey opportunities and/or come into a study late – which makes your opportunity of qualifying more difficult.  If you are an email user of one the providers listed above and you ALSO have a secondary email, we would like to encourage you to log into your account and provide a different email for your MindField Account.  This will allow you to avoid any delays that may be created while they censor our sends.