Redbox Gives Netflix the Blues

So, what service (or services) are you using for your media rentals? Still going to the video store? Downloading or streaming? Using the DVD kiosk outside the 7-11?

Well, your choices keep multiplying! DVD purveyor Redbox is on a roll since they made the deal to buy up all of rival Blockbuster’s kiosks. The latest development? They are breaking out of the physical DVD realm and getting into streaming, courtesy of a new partnership with Verizon.

The service called “RedBox Instant by Verizon” will offer more or less the same features as Netflix will, without the home delivery option.  Consumer Affairs

Which is MORE bad news for Netflix.

Netflix is in perhaps in that fabled location between a rock and a hard place. It is losing about 1 million DVD customers per quarter while its slow-growing online customers are consuming more and more streaming video. DVD rentals are about five times more profitable than streaming video. Consumer Affairs

I guess the question is, are your rental habits changing? Me, I finally got an HD TV. I am getting about 10 channels of local HD content, and thinking of signing up for a couple of rental services like this. And, once and for all…DITCHING CABLE! What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Redbox Gives Netflix the Blues”

  1. I can’t imagine ever ditching cable…. I watch shows on a variety of channels. But the premium channels are definitely not worth the monthly charges.

  2. Alot of people I know love the convience of Redbox but I still prefer the local video store and the convience of Video on Demand through our cable co. when used regularlly they provide discounts and it is so easy!

  3. we ditched cable about 8 tears ago and just recently decided to get basic cable back.
    personally , other than the live sports and local news the cable is not a good value for me .
    the kids like the channels where they can watch shows . all in all you can watch most shows by streaming them on the net.
    we have netflix in which i still think it holds a good value
    i also think the kiosk and dvd rentals will stick around for a while because you can watch the newest movies on dvd before you can through streaming.
    i think in time they will phase out the dvd rentals completely and offer the newest movies through streaming .
    the price of subscriptions will be much higher when that happens

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