A Sam-tastic Opportunity for MindField Members!

Check out the the Sam’s Partnership Panel!

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “Bro! Why buy a can of Axe Body Spray when you can buy a whole case, Bro?” Buying in bulk can be a great deal, especially if you have a large crew. And Sam’s Club is one of the premier names in the biz. So it’s big news when a giant like that teams up with MindField Online. Check it out!

MindField Online + Sam’s Club = Another HUGE Opportunity!!!

MindField Online has entered into a corporate partnership with Sam’s Club and will manage the Sam’s Partnership Panel. This means more surveys will be available for our members and you can receive additional incentive earning opportunities by taking part.

To take part in this tremendous opportunity for MindField Online and all of our members, please complete this profile survey ASAP. This survey will help us to understand your use of Sam’s Club’s services and the items you tend to purchase from them.

You will receive $1.00 for completing along with an entry into the drawing for cash prizes totaling $1,000.00. All incentives and winnings will be posted to your account within 10-14 days of the study completion.

Then you will see a Click to Join link. The Partnership Panel is open for Sam’s Club members. So, if you aren’t a Sam’s member, but someone else in the household is, then that person can participate and get the incentive. So go to your Member Home page and give it a shot!

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