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Tweeting Too Much?

twitter-bird-white-on-bluePersonal information, that is. The answer is probably Yes, according to Consumer Affairs.com:

Social media users compromise their privacy all the time. They post pictures while they are on vacation, for example, advertising the fact they aren’t at home. They reveal other personal information that ought to be private. ConsumerAffairs.com

One big reason is geo-tracking. You have GPS turned on, and your tweet goes out there with really accurate location info for all to see. Other times, it’s the info you carelessly blab in your tweets.

Anyway, the article tells of a grad student in California who has studied people’s tweets and is able to map out their activities, online and real-world. He says they are usually pretty shocked what he knows about them! He has developed a site, geosocialfootprint.com, to help educate folks on privacy issues.

Now, this isn’t a indictment of Twitter. This is about personal responsibility. If you don’t like sharing all of this information, you can take steps to change it. So, what do you think? Is this a big deal, or just paranoia? Do you care if people know this stuff about you? What about your kids? Give us your thoughts over at the MindField Online Facebook page, and have a great weekend!

20K Facebook Fans!

The fireworks are cool, but how do they make those big words in the sky?

Late in 2010, MindField Online decided to jump into the social media pond with a new blog, Twitter feed and Facebook page. And today, we have a fun milestone to celebrate!

The whole idea was to open up the lines of communication and enhance your experience in a positive, fun way. We wanted to shed some light, help everyone better understand the whole survey process, and hear your ideas for improvement. It’s the oldest cliché in social media, but we wanted to “build community.” Based on the number of comments posted to the Facebook page, combined with messages received at our main support line and the scuttlebutt we read on other survey industry related boards, we feel like it’s been a big win for you and for MindField.

Today’s big milestone? 20,000 Facebook fans! It happened on January 30, 2012.

To celebrate, we tracked down number 20K and attempted to contact her. When we hear from her and verify her info, she will receive a $50.00 Amazon.com gift card! No contest, no sweepstakes, just a fun little celebration of our milestone. You may recall we did this when we had our 1 millionth survey response back in November.

We will update this post soon. Until then, congrats to our 20K and thanks to our other 19,999* fans for your continued support!

(*actually, since Monday we have already grown to 20,278 Facebook fans!)

You Can’t Hide from These Deals!

Heard of location-based marketing? It’s been around for a few years, and it’s growing. And a 400 pound gorilla just entered the game!

Basically (very), in location-based marketing you sign up with a retailer somewhere in town. Using GPS or something, they know when you are physically near the place – say you are grocery shopping a mile away – and they send you a text or email with a coupon or some announcement about today’s special.

A lot of tech companies are in this field, including a start-up called The Dealmap. And Dealmap just got PAID, yo!

In a strategic no-brainer, Google has acquired The Dealmap, a startup that shows on a Google Maps-powered map just where you can find all the Groupon-like daily deals in your geographic area.                                                                             Venturebeat.com

Which is great news if you love deals, and you are familiar and comfortable with Google Maps. Bad news, I guess, if you are worried that Google is taking over every aspect of the internet! What do you think?

Consumed with Apps!

This was the year that smartphones and tablets like the iPad and Galaxy outsold desktop and laptop PCs. So, has this development changed the way we spend our time with mobile apps? Well, if you consider DOUBLING it a change, then yes!

There’s a group called Flurry that monitors the mobile app industry – something like 85,000 apps – and they have conducted a study of how our behavior has changed over the last year. Here’s a chart:

That’s a 91% increase! And how are we dividing up that time?

  • 47% Games
  • 32% Social Networking
  • 09% News
  • 07% Entertainment
  • 05% Other

How about you? Did you get a smartphone or tablet this year? Has your behavior changed? Let us know!


Digital Word of Mouth

They always say that word of mouth is the purest form of advertisement. That hasn’t changed. What has changed is that, 20 years ago, your word of mouth testimonial might be heard by 5 or 10 of your friends. Today, thanks to your mobile phone, your word of mouth goes out to hundreds via Facebook, Twitter and text message.

And, according to a recent article at Mobile Commerce Daily, retailers are starting to pay attention – enough to commission a survey that said:

  • 46% of consumers told their friends about a positive retail experience
  • 40% told their friends about a negative experience
  • 18% commented via Facebook
  • 8% commented via Twitter, and
  • 32% commented via SMS (text message)

What do you think? Have you taken your word of mouth and Gone Digital? Are you more likely to praise or complain? Let us know!