You Can’t Hide from These Deals!

Heard of location-based marketing? It’s been around for a few years, and it’s growing. And a 400 pound gorilla just entered the game!

Basically (very), in location-based marketing you sign up with a retailer somewhere in town. Using GPS or something, they know when you are physically near the place – say you are grocery shopping a mile away – and they send you a text or email with a coupon or some announcement about today’s special.

A lot of tech companies are in this field, including a start-up called The Dealmap. And Dealmap just got PAID, yo!

In a strategic no-brainer, Google has acquired The Dealmap, a startup that shows on a Google Maps-powered map just where you can find all the Groupon-like daily deals in your geographic area.                                                                   

Which is great news if you love deals, and you are familiar and comfortable with Google Maps. Bad news, I guess, if you are worried that Google is taking over every aspect of the internet! What do you think?

5 thoughts on “You Can’t Hide from These Deals!”

  1. I would only use this feature if I can turn it on & off….don’t want my location broadcast unless I do it.

  2. I was surprised at the lack of cities that were offered. For example Living Social and Groupon etc. offer Springfield for MO., which is a lot closer to Branson and where I live.

    1. it could be that that Google bought them not because they are so big yet, but the ease of integrating with them so that they will grow fast. thanks for the comment lenore!

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