20K Facebook Fans!

The fireworks are cool, but how do they make those big words in the sky?

Late in 2010, MindField Online decided to jump into the social media pond with a new blog, Twitter feed and Facebook page. And today, we have a fun milestone to celebrate!

The whole idea was to open up the lines of communication and enhance your experience in a positive, fun way. We wanted to shed some light, help everyone better understand the whole survey process, and hear your ideas for improvement. It’s the oldest cliché in social media, but we wanted to “build community.” Based on the number of comments posted to the Facebook page, combined with messages received at our main support line and the scuttlebutt we read on other survey industry related boards, we feel like it’s been a big win for you and for MindField.

Today’s big milestone? 20,000 Facebook fans! It happened on January 30, 2012.

To celebrate, we tracked down number 20K and attempted to contact her. When we hear from her and verify her info, she will receive a $50.00 Amazon.com gift card! No contest, no sweepstakes, just a fun little celebration of our milestone. You may recall we did this when we had our 1 millionth survey response back in November.

We will update this post soon. Until then, congrats to our 20K and thanks to our other 19,999* fans for your continued support!

(*actually, since Monday we have already grown to 20,278 Facebook fans!)

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