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Makin’ it Rain (Holiday Edition): Meet the Winners!

Back in October, MindField Online announced the launch of the new SurveyCloud mobile app. We also announced our latest prize drawing, “MindField Makes it Rain for the Holidays!” Prizes include one $500 grand prize winner, two $100 2nd-place winners, and six $50 3rd-place winners.

Well, it’s time meet the winners!

** $50.00 Third-place winners! **

Lou Marie B. of Cape Coral FL

Rebecca B. of Logan UT

Rebecca H. of Cleveland OH

Kent R. of Raleigh NC

Chelsea G. of Placerville CA

Pat C. of Chicago IL

** $100.00 Second-place winners! **

Jocella H. of Jonesboro GA

Christina B. of Arlington TX

And finally…

** $500 Grand Prize winner! **

Starlah R. of Rialto CA

Congrats, Starlah!
Congrats, Starlah!

A married mom of two, Starlah has been a MindField Online panelist since 2006. She enjoys taking the surveys, formerly on her PC, and now with the “simple to use” SurveyCloud App on her mobile device. More than once, she says, a 12 or 15-dollar payout has come in handy for expenses around the home.

So, what’s it like to win the $500? Starlah says, “It was a big surprise – I don’t win things! I saw the notification in my IN box, which I don’t automatically check regularly. But something told me to open that email – and I’m glad I did!” And what to do with $500? “When you have kids, they always need something! But also, we’ll have a little extra for the holidays, and a little extra to put in reserve.”

Sounds like a plan, Starlah! Thanks to you and all of our winners for your many years of membership. Thanks for downloading and using the SurveyCloud mobile app. And Happy Holidays to you and yours!!!

Who will MindField “Make it Rain” on next? It could be YOU! Another drawing is coming, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Stay tuned!

MindField Milestones!

What does it all mean?

A couple of milestones to mention today.

First, as represented in the totally awesome and NOT lame graphic above: 4MM. That means Four Million, as in MindField Online recently paid out its 4,000,000th credit to our panelists. That’s four million dollars since MindField’s inception in April 2004 – an average of $471, 000 a year. Over the past 5 years, however, our panelists overall have earned an average of $688,000 in credits each year.

To celebrate, we credited $25 to lucky number 4 million: CODY B. of MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA!

Meanwhile, “100K” also happened. That signifies $100,000 in Amazon.com credits our panelists have opted for since we introduced that new cashout method!  That took a surprisingly short 14 months, which means our panelists like the Amazon option even better than we hoped!

So, a big thank you to our panelists, and stay tuned for more excitement ahead. For example, we’re coming reeeally close to 30,000 Facebook fans. But you didn’t hear it from me!

20k Facebook Fan Revealed!

At last, meet the winner of MindField’s 20,000th Facebook fan giveaway:

Sara P. from Sartell, MN!

Sara P. and her $50 smile!

Sara says: “I am a stay at home mom of 3 of the most wonderful kids!  I live in Sartell, Minnesota have been a member since 1/30/12.  My favorite part so far is being the 20K fan!! Thanks so much!!”

For being lucky number 20K, Sara received a $50.00 Amazon.com gift card!

So, that’s the wrap. Like we said, it’s just an example of the kind of fun and surprises our members have here at MindField. Stay tuned, there’s always something around the corner! Thanks again to the rest of our (now) 21, 250 Facebook fans!

Making it Rain!

At last!

Here are the results of our big BIG drawing on December 10th, 2011. MindField Online Internet Panels gave away a total of $2500 in prizes, including One $1,000 Grand Prize, Two $500 Second Prizes, and Twenty $25 Third Prizes! Here is the list of winners who responded to their official announcement emails from MindField Support.

So, let’s begin by saying congrats to THIS lucky lady…

$1000 Grand Prize Winner


Kristen K. of Wharton, NJ (pictured)

I have been a MindField member since 2004 and have never won anything big.  So   when I found out I was the GRAND PRIZE winner I was shocked and grateful!  I am going to use the money I won to help pay for all my Christmas presents this year, give back some to those in need, and save the rest for a rainy day!

*     *     *

$500 Second Prize Winner


Melissa H. of Culpeper, VA (pictured)

$500 Second Prize Winner

Igor M. of Brooklyn, NY

*     *     *

$25.00 Third Prize Winners


Sandi H. of New Port Richey, FL (pictured)

Maricela H. of Corpus Christi, TX

Julio G. of Hialeah, FL

Kattia B. of Solon, OH


Martha S. of Hondo, TX (pictured)

Andrew W. of Gilbertsville, PA

Charlene C. of Phoenix, AZ

Diana M. of La Mesa, CA

Michelle R. of Yakima, WA

Patti M. of Burbank, CA


Ruth G. of Bellport, NY (pictured)

Yvonne S. of Aurora, CO

Jessie B. of Cheyenne, WY

Jean H. of Summertown, TN

Mechel M. of Baton Rouge, LA

Linda H. of Tucson, AZ

Bonnie O. of Houston, TX

Michael M.

Tiffeny M.

Samantha T.

Congratulations to all our winners! And if you didn’t get picked, there’s always a next time right around the corner here at MindField Online! Happy Holidays to all our MindField friends and family!!!

Notes on Tomorrow’s Drawing!


Anticipation! Yes, tomorrow we will hold our biggest giveaway ever, where 23 lucky MindFielders will split $2500, including a $1000 grand prize, two $500 prizes and twenty $25 prizes!  So here is how it will work…

We will make our random selections tomorrow, and then begin the process of verification, making sure the winners have met the giveaway requirements (see HERE.) Then, on Monday we will begin contacting the winners by email. Look for an email from “[email protected].”

When we have confirmed everyone, we will make an announcement here at the blog, as well as Facebook and Twitter. We will do a big splashy writeup here at the blog, so we would LOVE to use your name (first name, last initial) and a picture, as well as any personal info you wish to share…what you do, kids, grandkids, why you like MindField Online, etc. Why? Because it’s FUN! Also, it shows people that folks do win at these things!

So that’s the rundown. Good luck, and thanks again to the best panel in the business! XOXOX

Huge Holiday Giveaway!

The countdown begins...

Get used to seeing this charming image. We will be posting it every day until December 10, to build awareness for MindField Online’s HUGE holiday giveaway – our biggest ever!

On December 10, 2011 MindField Online will give away a total of $2,500.00 to 23 lucky friends, including:

One $1,000 Grand Prize,

Two $500 Second Prizes, and

Twenty $25 Third Prizes!

How do you qualify for the biggest drawing ever? There are all kinds of ways involving Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, Amazon.com, the MindField Online Blog, Refer-a-Friend, signing up for text messages and more!

For a full rundown of rules and qualifications, head over to the official MindField Online prize page, HERE.  Thanks, and good luck!

Over One Million Served!

On TV shows it’s a really big deal: a woman walks into a store, sirens blare, balloons fall and a guy rushes out with a big cardboard check. You’re our 1-millionth customer!!

Real life is a little more subtle. In fact, if the Surv-o-Tron 2000® down at MindField Central hadn’t blown a gasket and started leaking coolant, we might not have noticed that the counter had turned over a million.

That’s right, one million survey responses. And who was number 1 million? THIS LADY!

This is Michelle from Maine. As you can see from her Facebook pic, she’s married and has two young kids. And to celebrate this milestone, MindField added FIFTY BUCKS to her payout.

This is just one example of the fun and surprises to be had here at MindField Online Internet Panels. So, thanks Michelle! Everybody else, stay tuned, our big $2500 drawing is just around the corner!

It’s That Time Again…

Time once again to update our ever-expanding collection of positive reviews from MindField Online Internet Panels Facebook fans, including this gem from Diane:

If anyone is wondering if MindField is the real deal and really does pay you real money, I’ve made quite a bit of money from them. I cash out and I get my check within 4-6 weeks. It’s real! Thank you, MindField!

Check out the newest comments on our Panelist Reviews page! Here’s the link…

Meet the Winners:10K Facebook Fan Giveaway!

We have a winner! Actually TEN winners of MindField Online’s 10,000 Facebook Fan Drawing! Let’s meet the gang, shall we?

   *     *     *

David B.

Springfield, MO

   *     *     *

Yolanda C.

Schnecksville, PA

Yolanda is a stay at home wife and mom caring for a special needs child. She has been with MindField since 2008 and says, “I love being a panelist because it a great way to make extra money while giving your opinions about products.” Like a lot of us, Yolanda and her family are tightening their belts, so her $100 prize is going straight to bills – and there’s nothing wrong with that!

  *      *      *

John D.

Loveland, OH

John is retired, and has been with MindField for over three years.  He says, “I’m very opinionated, so surveys are a fun outlet. And a few extra bucks doesn’t hurt, either!” John is single, and loves to spend time with his 13 year old mutt, Jezebel.  He likes to indulge in fine dining, so his $100 might just go towards a nice meal out.

  *      *      *

Melissa H.

Harlingen, TX

Melissa is from Texas, and she has been with MindField for two years. She’s a mother of four, with one grandchild and another coming in January. Melissa plans to use her $100 prize to take the whole family out for a meal.

  *      *      *

Rachel J.

East Palestine, OH

  *      *      *

Jerry M.

Madison, TN

Jerry is a construction worker, and a widowed dad with a 14-year-old son at home. Jerry says, “I enjoy the surveys and having my opinion heard. I also like the products MindField sends to evaluate. And I like the extra money, too!” Jerry says he will take the $100 and have a big night out with his son.

  *      *      *

Niraj P.

Leesburg, VA

Niraj is a college student who lives at home while pursuing his Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering. He also tutors at his school. Niraj will take his winnings and put them toward a new smartphone or tablet.

  *      *      *

Tim S.

Fruita, CO

Tim is a carpenter, married with three kids and two grands. Tim has been with MindField for over two years and says, “I like doing surveys to give my opinions on different subjects and also, sometimes, getting to test products before they reach the stores.” Tim plans to use his $100 to take his “wonderful wife” of 12 years out for dinner, a movie and dancing!

  *      *      *

Ron U.

Kingwood, TX

Ron says, “I’ve been with MindField a long time and am a loyal follower. I love making extra income for giving my opinion to companies that will make better products or services.”  As for his $100, Ron says he is still in shock from his win and hasn’t decided what to do with it!

  *      *      *

Congrats to our ten winners, and thanks again to all our panelists who have filled our ranks on Facebook, and spread the word to your friends. And don’t worry, another drawing is coming around the bend…more details later!


Online purchases of consumer packaged goods from disposable diapers to processed food will more than double to $25 billion by 2014, information and measurement company Nielsen said on Monday.

Yahoo.com News Article

Wal-Mart, Kroger and Amazon are all getting into the game: Online ordering of groceries. Right now, about 2% of all purchases are made online and, as the quote says, that’s going to double in the next couple of years.

You may recall companies trying this back in the late-90’s. Most of them became victims of the dot-com bust. e-Commerce has come a long way since then, as well as some new ideas about shipping and distribution.

Lately, there have been some product-specific online retailers that have had some success-names like Soap.com and Diapers.com. Amazon recently snapped them up for about a half-billion dollars, so I guess they’re serious about the trend!

So, what do you think? Have you ordered groceries online? Would you? What kinds of things would you order? Let us know!

*     *     *     *     *

Stay tuned for our next post, when we will meet the winners of our 10,000 Facebook Fan Giveaway!!