Meet the Winners:10K Facebook Fan Giveaway!

We have a winner! Actually TEN winners of MindField Online’s 10,000 Facebook Fan Drawing! Let’s meet the gang, shall we?

   *     *     *

David B.

Springfield, MO

   *     *     *

Yolanda C.

Schnecksville, PA

Yolanda is a stay at home wife and mom caring for a special needs child. She has been with MindField since 2008 and says, “I love being a panelist because it a great way to make extra money while giving your opinions about products.” Like a lot of us, Yolanda and her family are tightening their belts, so her $100 prize is going straight to bills – and there’s nothing wrong with that!

  *      *      *

John D.

Loveland, OH

John is retired, and has been with MindField for over three years.  He says, “I’m very opinionated, so surveys are a fun outlet. And a few extra bucks doesn’t hurt, either!” John is single, and loves to spend time with his 13 year old mutt, Jezebel.  He likes to indulge in fine dining, so his $100 might just go towards a nice meal out.

  *      *      *

Melissa H.

Harlingen, TX

Melissa is from Texas, and she has been with MindField for two years. She’s a mother of four, with one grandchild and another coming in January. Melissa plans to use her $100 prize to take the whole family out for a meal.

  *      *      *

Rachel J.

East Palestine, OH

  *      *      *

Jerry M.

Madison, TN

Jerry is a construction worker, and a widowed dad with a 14-year-old son at home. Jerry says, “I enjoy the surveys and having my opinion heard. I also like the products MindField sends to evaluate. And I like the extra money, too!” Jerry says he will take the $100 and have a big night out with his son.

  *      *      *

Niraj P.

Leesburg, VA

Niraj is a college student who lives at home while pursuing his Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering. He also tutors at his school. Niraj will take his winnings and put them toward a new smartphone or tablet.

  *      *      *

Tim S.

Fruita, CO

Tim is a carpenter, married with three kids and two grands. Tim has been with MindField for over two years and says, “I like doing surveys to give my opinions on different subjects and also, sometimes, getting to test products before they reach the stores.” Tim plans to use his $100 to take his “wonderful wife” of 12 years out for dinner, a movie and dancing!

  *      *      *

Ron U.

Kingwood, TX

Ron says, “I’ve been with MindField a long time and am a loyal follower. I love making extra income for giving my opinion to companies that will make better products or services.”  As for his $100, Ron says he is still in shock from his win and hasn’t decided what to do with it!

  *      *      *

Congrats to our ten winners, and thanks again to all our panelists who have filled our ranks on Facebook, and spread the word to your friends. And don’t worry, another drawing is coming around the bend…more details later!

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