Notes on Tomorrow’s Drawing!


Anticipation! Yes, tomorrow we will hold our biggest giveaway ever, where 23 lucky MindFielders will split $2500, including a $1000 grand prize, two $500 prizes and twenty $25 prizes!  So here is how it will work…

We will make our random selections tomorrow, and then begin the process of verification, making sure the winners have met the giveaway requirements (see HERE.) Then, on Monday we will begin contacting the winners by email. Look for an email from “[email protected].”

When we have confirmed everyone, we will make an announcement here at the blog, as well as Facebook and Twitter. We will do a big splashy writeup here at the blog, so we would LOVE to use your name (first name, last initial) and a picture, as well as any personal info you wish to share…what you do, kids, grandkids, why you like MindField Online, etc. Why? Because it’s FUN! Also, it shows people that folks do win at these things!

So that’s the rundown. Good luck, and thanks again to the best panel in the business! XOXOX

11 thoughts on “Notes on Tomorrow’s Drawing!”

  1. i can really use the cash right now just as much as anyone else but i have to say i hope im one of the lucky one,,,,good luck everyone

  2. This would be a great birthday wish come true. I HOPE IT RAINS ON ME IRISH RAIN GREEN THAT IS. I play Santa Ho Ho and this would be great. Good Luck to everybody and gosh if you win and dont need it contact me I can help with that. Ha and Ho Ho HO.

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