Making it Rain!

At last!

Here are the results of our big BIG drawing on December 10th, 2011. MindField Online Internet Panels gave away a total of $2500 in prizes, including One $1,000 Grand Prize, Two $500 Second Prizes, and Twenty $25 Third Prizes! Here is the list of winners who responded to their official announcement emails from MindField Support.

So, let’s begin by saying congrats to THIS lucky lady…

$1000 Grand Prize Winner


Kristen K. of Wharton, NJ (pictured)

I have been a MindField member since 2004 and have never won anything big.  So   when I found out I was the GRAND PRIZE winner I was shocked and grateful!  I am going to use the money I won to help pay for all my Christmas presents this year, give back some to those in need, and save the rest for a rainy day!

*     *     *

$500 Second Prize Winner


Melissa H. of Culpeper, VA (pictured)

$500 Second Prize Winner

Igor M. of Brooklyn, NY

*     *     *

$25.00 Third Prize Winners


Sandi H. of New Port Richey, FL (pictured)

Maricela H. of Corpus Christi, TX

Julio G. of Hialeah, FL

Kattia B. of Solon, OH


Martha S. of Hondo, TX (pictured)

Andrew W. of Gilbertsville, PA

Charlene C. of Phoenix, AZ

Diana M. of La Mesa, CA

Michelle R. of Yakima, WA

Patti M. of Burbank, CA


Ruth G. of Bellport, NY (pictured)

Yvonne S. of Aurora, CO

Jessie B. of Cheyenne, WY

Jean H. of Summertown, TN

Mechel M. of Baton Rouge, LA

Linda H. of Tucson, AZ

Bonnie O. of Houston, TX

Michael M.

Tiffeny M.

Samantha T.

Congratulations to all our winners! And if you didn’t get picked, there’s always a next time right around the corner here at MindField Online! Happy Holidays to all our MindField friends and family!!!

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