Huge Holiday Giveaway!

The countdown begins...

Get used to seeing this charming image. We will be posting it every day until December 10, to build awareness for MindField Online’s HUGE holiday giveaway – our biggest ever!

On December 10, 2011 MindField Online will give away a total of $2,500.00 to 23 lucky friends, including:

One $1,000 Grand Prize,

Two $500 Second Prizes, and

Twenty $25 Third Prizes!

How do you qualify for the biggest drawing ever? There are all kinds of ways involving Facebook, Twitter, PayPal,, the MindField Online Blog, Refer-a-Friend, signing up for text messages and more!

For a full rundown of rules and qualifications, head over to the official MindField Online prize page, HERE.  Thanks, and good luck!

9 thoughts on “Huge Holiday Giveaway!”

  1. I have a super big umbrella to hold that great, Grand-prize! Not only for Christmas gifts, but to pay a bill or 2 and put some aside to help cover the wedding expenses coming up for my youngest child!

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