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No Escape from Ads?

Watching TV, it seems like there is a commercial every 5 minutes. On your PC, it’s hard to escape the pop-ups. By comparison, your mobile device is sort of an escape from Ad-madness – but maybe not for long.

According on an advertising exec quoted in a recent article in Adweek, advertisers know that:

There are over three times the number of mobile subscribers as there are TV subscribers, he said. Globally, it’s the most adopted technology and media channel in history. The engagement rates are higher. And inventory, thanks to 24-hour access to users, is unmatched.

Engagement rates means that, unlike the TV that blasts ads at you without your consent, online you choose to Click Here, meaning you are interested in the product on some level.

So, far, mobile ad spending is a drop in the bucket compared to TV, but a lot of advertising geniuses expect that to change. The question is, how will you feel when there’s just as much advertising on your mobile as there is on TV and PC? Let us know!

*  BTW, the art department spent literally minutes on the opening picture!

A Soapy Situation

Soap Operas are a topic close to many people’s hearts.  Once soaps were on at least 3 hours a day on all 3 networks. But they’ve hit hard times, including the recent cancellations of long-time faves All My Children and One Life to Live. Now comes word of a reprieve of sorts – but in a format you might not be used to.

Here is where I would usually provide a link to some article online, but I read this in ten different places yesterday. Specifically, AMC (leaving the tube in September) and OLTL (exiting in January) will now continue…online.

In our house, if we miss one of our faves like Community or Parks and Rec, we will download it on Hulu, drag the laptop into the living room, cram together real tight on the couch and watch. That’s the occasional half hour, but 5 hours a week, every week – or 10 if you like both shows? I don’t know. The articles say that the shows will eventually be available in other formats like “additional emerging platforms including Internet enabled television sets.” But for most of us, for the foreseeable future, this means the PC.

So what do you think? Obviously, MindField folks are pretty computer-savvy, but will you be able to make the switch? Or is it the end of an era? Give us a shout, soap fans!