Shopping Ninja or Shopping Noob?

Purchase Receipt and Money.  Savings Concept.Here’s a fun shopping quiz (actual fun may vary) concocted by Deb Morris, the “Fru-Gal.” Your scores supposedly will reveal your shopping personality, and may actually help you change shopping behaviors and save more money!

Here are the questions…

  1. Do you enjoy shopping?
  2. Do you make a list before you shop?
  3. Do you stick to your list when you shop?
  4. Do you always buy the same brands?
  5. Where do you shop the most often?
  6. When do you shop the most often?
  7. Do you use your store’s discount card?
  8. Do you use grocery coupons?
  9. Do you print coupons?
  10. Do you use electronic coupons?
  11. Do you belong to Checkout51, Vocalpoint, Ibotta or Saving Star?
  12. Have you ever purchased grocery items free with coupons?
  13. Do you ever shop at the drugstore?
  14. Do you take your grocery coupons with you on vacation?

Each question gives you three alternative answers, with each being worth a certain point value. Add your points to find out if you are a “Busy Shopper,” (the lowest category) meaning you are too busy to cut coupons or comparison shop; an “Amateur Shopper,” meaning you realize the value of coupons and flyers but you just aren’t good at it; or an “Expert Shopper,” which means you are an expert at (wait for it…) shopping.  I scored a 10, which means I am a “Dude.” Oh well.

So, take the test! How did you do? Let us know over at the MindField Online Facebook page!