Say Cheese?

Just spitballin’ here folks. What if you could complete a survey using your web-cam? There might be a couple of reasons for doing this. Maybe the surveyor wants to see the reaction on your face when they ask a question, or when you see a picture on your screen. Or it might be one of those things where you “say the first word that comes to mind” instead of filling in a box for Yes or No. Heck, it might be a way for the surveyor to get a more “true” reaction than making you think about – or overthink – your response.

So, what do you think? We REALLY want to know!

By the way, if you hate getting your picture taken, your humble blogger has offered to go first. You’re bound to look better than THIS guy!

"Yes. Or...No. Wait, it's Yes!"

9 thoughts on “Say Cheese?”

  1. No I hate the idea. I have to set up when I Skype with my family. You know, hair has to be perfect, makeup, clothes, you know. I’m not like that all day long when I”m taking care of horses. I have clean clothes on for about 5 minutes before a horse will rub or sneeze on me, nooooo, not a good idea in my case. Sorry, my answer is no.

  2. It depends! If I’m homeschooling my 10 year old that would be too much of a distraction for him. I can quietly fill out a survey online while he does individual work. 🙂

  3. Ok so this is what I am thinkin…. At first I thought how cool use the webcam no more typing cool this would be a lot faster I’d be able to do more surveys yeh! Then after I think for a minute “No Way”!! I like to do surveys real early in the morning or real late at night do you see where I am going with this? no make-up, hair up in a bad pony tail,in my pj’s etc….
    I like the idea you have but when I am not dressed to go outside I sure dont want to be on a webcam either.
    Sorry I have to pass on this one, but I am just one person, who knows what everyone else thinks.
    Thank you for asking!

  4. Its ok but do not keep web cam on all the time would have to set it up each time.

  5. I sounds like a great idea, very new to survey testing!! I would do it sounds like fun!!

  6. I’m in agreement with the other posters – it would take extra time for setup, and to make sure hair and clothes were just right. But, if you were to pay more for webcam surveys, it might be worth the extra trouble. 🙂

  7. I think its a good way of identifying fakes . also a good way of seeing reactions of surveiors

  8. I personally think that it is the way to go because it will cut down time spent on surveys dramatically and participant can say what is really on his/her mind not waisting time on thinking how to type what you want to say so bieng siad that, I think it is safe to say it will benefit both parties .

  9. i think it would be ok sometimes but not all the time sometimes i do my surveys in my pajama and i do not look very good early in the morning.

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