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Valentine’s Day by the Numbers 2016

valentine bucksWell, the Valentine’s Day statistics are in, and retailers would like to thank the 55% of you who are taking part. Valentine’s Day spending continues the slow climb it has made since the 2008 crash. This year’s $19 billion will be up 3% from last year, and a new record. Part of that increase, they say, is that V-day is on the weekend this year. For some reason, that leads to extra spending. Why do you think that is?

Each year the National Retail Federation does the tally, and the results are reported far and wide. Here, then, is “Valentine’s Day by the Numbers 2016!”

What are we buying?

  • Jewelry $4.5 billion
  • Evening out, $4.4 billion
  • Flowers, $2 billion

Who are we buying for?

  • 89% spouse or significant other
  • 61% kids, parents, and other family
  • 25% friends

Where are we buying it?  

  • 35% Department Store
  • 31% Discount Store
  • 28% Online

Spending by Region

  • Northeasterners spend $146
  • Southerners spend $129
  • Westerners spend $120
  • Midwesterners spend $111

Spending by Age  

  • 25 to 34’s spend the most at $177
  • 65-plus’ spend the least at $80

Spending by Category (if you buy these things, here’s what you spend)

  • Jewelry: $156
  • Evening Out: $72
  • Clothes: $71
  • Flowers: $37
  • Candy: $21
  • Cards: $13
  • Gift Cards: $13

And, my favorite statistic:

75% of us say not to get us anything, but only 25% mean it!

Beware, gentlemen, that last one is REAL! So, what are YOUR Valentine’s day plans? Let us know over at the MindField Online Facebook page, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Valentine’s Day by the Numbers 2015

valentine bucksWell, the statistics are in, and the retailers are thanking their lucky stars. Valentine’s Day spending is back, baby! In almost every category, V-day spending is up. To the extent that this predicts retail sales, or consumer confidence, or whatever, it’s all good in the retail ‘hood.

According to the National Retail Federation, and as reported in USA Today and Yahoo Finance, here are some of the bullet point from this year’s survey. Or as we call it, “Valentine’s Day by the Numbers!”

  • $18.9 billion: To be spent in 2015. That’s up 1.5 billion from last year!
  • $88: Average spent per person, up $10 from 2014
  • 53%: Will buy candy
  • 21%: Will buy jewelry
  • 38%: Will buy flowers
  • 35%: Will have a night out
  • 1-2-3: In order, MEN buy 1) Flowers, 2) Candy, 3) Cards
  • 1-2-3: In order, WOMEN buy 1) Cards, 2) Candy, 3) Evening Out
  • #1 Destination for women: Discount stores
  • #1 Destination for men: Department stores
  • 21%: People who will buy a Valentine for their pets
  • 54%: Men who foolishly believed their wives when she said “I don’t really want anything for Valentine’s Day.”

OK, I made that last one up. Anyhoozle, it’s nice to see that, even in VERY uncertain times, a nice little romantic holiday like this can break through the anxiety. Whatever you spend, however you spend it, spend it with somebody you love!

What are YOUR Valentine’s day plans? Let us know over at the MindField Online Facebook page!





Money Questions for Potential Young Marrieds

"OK, kids, scootch in a little closer to the dollar sign..."
“OK, kids, scootch in a little closer to the dollar sign…”

Love is in the air. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Many candlelight dinners will be consumed, and many nervous young dudes will be popping a certain question. Well, slow down tiger. You can barely afford this fancy dinner. Can you afford to be married?

A lot of young folk skip right over this question, and this can lead to heartache down the road. One problem is that people just don’t like to talk about money.

If your relationship is heading toward joint finances, it’s essential to talk about it first – openly and honestly. A 2014 survey…found that 13 percent said they had failed to share information about their personal debt or income, which had “an effect on the relationship.” YourHoustonNews.com

So here are some questions for prospective brides and grooms to discuss openly:

  • Where are you financially as individuals?
  • What are your money personalities?
  • How do you want to live?
  • How will you handle everyday spending?
  • What if you need help?

As usual, these are the bullets. Lots of further explanation at the original piece. How about you? Were you once young and dumb and skipped over these questions? I WAS and DID. How did it work out for you? DID it work out for you? Let us know over at the MindField Online Facebook page, and have a great weekend!

Valentine’s Day by the Numbers, 2014

Antique-Valentines-Day-CardsHappy Valentine’s Day from MindField Online! (Pause while 30 million dudes realize they forgot all  about this.) Relax fellas…technically, you have until dinner to get it together!

According to Forbes Magazine, by way of FTD Florists, the average person celebrating Valentine’s Day is expected to spend $133.91 on the holiday in 2014. And that’s just America! Multiply that by the rest of the English-speaking world, the rest of Europe, South and East Asia and that’s… a BUNCH of money, dude!

So, where does the money go? Check it out!

  • Total spending in the US: $17.3 billion
  • Men spend $230, women spend $196.
  • Marrieds spend $20-30 less than daters or engaged
  • 18% spend NOTHING. Boo!
  • Practical is not welcome! 37% give flowers, 19% give jewelry
  • 180 million V-day cards are exchanged – 85% bought by women
  • 196 million roses are purchased – 73% bought by men
  • 14% of women send themselves flowers (Sad!)
  • Top 5 gifts: 5) Jewelry, 4) Flowers, 3) Dinner, 2) Candy, 1) Cards

And now, the worst- and best-case scenarios:

  • Percentage of women who would break it off if he forgot V-day: 53%!
  • Number of babies conceived if it all goes well: 11,000!!

However (and however much) you spend on Valentine’s Day, we hope you get to be with somebody special. If not, there’s always next year! Enjoy the snuggles, and have a great weekend!Source. Source. Source.

Last Minute Valentine Gift Ideas!

white-elephant-gift-exchangeWhen it comes to gift-giving they always say, “It’s the thought that counts.” On Valentine’s Day, and other holidays both important and made-up, I like to amend this statement by saying this is only true when actual THOUGHT went into the gift.

This week, in roadside vacant lots across the land, suckers gentlemen may purchase a wide assortment of desperate romantic gifts. The one I am seeing most often is a shrink- wrapped teddy bear & candy basket arrangement, ranging in size from “Aw cute!” to “Dude, can I borrow your truck?”

So, as a public service for the romantically challenged, I have combed one or two websites the entire internet for fun Valentine’s gift ideas!

From MoneyTalksNews.com:

  • Tame the clutter: Be a hero for cleaning out the garage, like you said you would last September!
  • Foot rub: Remember that old man on Funny Videos who used the disc grinder on his wife’s crusty heels? That’s love y’all!

From the BBC:

  • Choco-face! How about 3-D scanned, laser-etched sculpture of your face in chocolate? Totally tasty and not creepy at all!

From the New York Post:

  • Frisky Fortunes! Concerned parents cause makers to pull sexy/romantic fortune cookie messages. Better grab the romance before they’re gone!

Fun ideas? Unique? Totally lame? Say what you will, these are all better, more romantic ideas than this one: Detroit lawyer holds Valentine’s contest – first prize a free divorce! Reached for comment, the attorney said: “It’s the thought that counts!”

Anyway, best of luck, lovebirds. If, SOMEHOW, this article didn’t give you any good ideas, check these (for real) gift guides FOR HER, and FOR HIM.

And Happy Valentine’s day!