Valentine’s Day by the Numbers, 2014

Antique-Valentines-Day-CardsHappy Valentine’s Day from MindField Online! (Pause while 30 million dudes realize they forgot all  about this.) Relax fellas…technically, you have until dinner to get it together!

According to Forbes Magazine, by way of FTD Florists, the average person celebrating Valentine’s Day is expected to spend $133.91 on the holiday in 2014. And that’s just America! Multiply that by the rest of the English-speaking world, the rest of Europe, South and East Asia and that’s… a BUNCH of money, dude!

So, where does the money go? Check it out!

  • Total spending in the US: $17.3 billion
  • Men spend $230, women spend $196.
  • Marrieds spend $20-30 less than daters or engaged
  • 18% spend NOTHING. Boo!
  • Practical is not welcome! 37% give flowers, 19% give jewelry
  • 180 million V-day cards are exchanged – 85% bought by women
  • 196 million roses are purchased – 73% bought by men
  • 14% of women send themselves flowers (Sad!)
  • Top 5 gifts: 5) Jewelry, 4) Flowers, 3) Dinner, 2) Candy, 1) Cards

And now, the worst- and best-case scenarios:

  • Percentage of women who would break it off if he forgot V-day: 53%!
  • Number of babies conceived if it all goes well: 11,000!!

However (and however much) you spend on Valentine’s Day, we hope you get to be with somebody special. If not, there’s always next year! Enjoy the snuggles, and have a great weekend!Source. Source. Source.