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Garage Sale Season!

Bad Photoshopp presents: My Mom's Garage Sale!
Bad Photoshop presents: My Mom’s Garage Sale!

Garage sale, yard sale, rummage sale, tag sale… whatever you call it, ‘tis the season! Check out these statistics:

  • Number of US garage sales each week: 165,000
  • Number of people who attend: 690,000
  • Average weekly garage sale revenue: $4.2 million

And my favorite statistic…

  • Profit margin when somebody buys your crap and re-sells it on eBay: 462% !!

This is the time of year when those huge nationwide sales begin. You’ve got the Great US 50 Yard Sale, which stretches from Maryland to California – over 3,000 miles! There are plenty of others like it; we’ll give you some links below.

Just so happens I’m on a trip back home to Ohio, helping my mother organize a big garage sale – so come on by! Here’s a question: in Ohio, sales are held on Friday and Saturday. In South Carolina, they are almost always Saturday only. Why is that, do you think? What’s the tradition where you live? Let us know over at the MindField Online Facebook page, and have a great garage sale weekend!

Here are some links: