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Gender-neutral Toys?

An article (more of an editorial, really) at USNEWS.com, entitled “5 Reasons Not to Buy Your Daughter Pink Legos,” begins like so:

Gender segregation starts early these days, with color-coded diapers, blankets, and binkies. Most of us seem happy with this arrangement, spending some $22 billion on toys every year. But when one company recently went too far, the response was swift.

I was immediately reminded on the ONE “Cathy” cartoon I have read in the past decade (I swear.) Cathy is determined to find a gender-neutral toy for her niece. Combing through the toy store, she finally gets an idea: plastic dinosaurs! Unfortunately, they only have two kinds – Dinosaur Commando Squad and Dainty Dino Beauty Shop.

I knew she would say that.

Anyway, Lego did a bunch of research, found that girls were playing with Legos, and figured they might play with them MORE if they were building little kitchens, beauty shops, etc. As a result, a petition protesting the idea went up online, and supposedly has 50K signatures.

This author lays out her case. Here are the bullets:

  • Girls are already surrounded by gender stereotypes wherever they turn.
  • Girls love Legos, even without the new line for girls.
  • Classic children’s toys that stand the test of time are usually gender-neutral.
  • Buying the new Lego line will lead to more gender-specific toys.
  • Strong girl role models abound, and they don’t have to look like models.

That’s her view…what do YOU think?

(photo: classictcj.com)