April Foolishness 2015

selfieshoeAs a writer FOR the web, I spend a lot of time ON the web. For me, April 1st is the most irritating day of the year, and it sneaks up on me every time!! I’m reading something (supposedly) serious like Newsweek.com and I see, “The President then said farewell, boarded the mothership and returned to his home planet.” And I’m like “Grrr! April Fools!” I might as well go play in the street for the rest of the day.

So I guess I can appreciate when businesses try to have a little fun with the concept. I mean, I might as well. They’re not going to stop just for me, and playing in the street is dangerous. So, here are some noble April Fools’ Day efforts from companies trying to get in on the fun and irritation.

2015 highlights include:

And, for you Game of Thrones fans…

Side note for 2015… Companies have poured some big bucks into these fake concepts. Um, except for Sears. I am in the loyalty program, and I received an email this morning saying “MERRY CHRISTMAS!” Then, you click on it, and it says “Just kidding!” Comedy GOLD, y’all!

Here are some links for your further enjoyment!

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