Summer Begins!


Memorial Day has passed and summer has commenced. What are your plans? A big vacation? A couple of smaller weekend getaways? Whatever your plans  – or even if you have NO plans – there seems to be a Top Ten list to help you make smart choices with your scarce entertainment dollars. Here are a few lists to get you started…

The best gas grills

The best airlines

The best hotels

The best ice cream

The best sunscreen

The best rental car companies

21 best US vacation spots

The best beaches

America’s best hot dogs

See any of your favorites on these lists? Let us know!


One thought on “Summer Begins!”

  1. I really wish to take a trip to Puerto Rico and the Virgen Island, but is only a wish..for me is very hard do to money trouble…My daughter and myself the only thing we can do is dream and that dont cost nothing..My daughter is diabetic and use three dif meds..2 kind of insulin that co-pay is too high and other types of problem and all the money we get is for rent and paid the meds if we can….so by now we just dream about it. ..thank you and God Bless all that can to vacation…LOL…Nilda

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