Memorial Day 2013

Mem Day

Memorial Day soapbox time – bear with me.

I was all set to do one of those “(Holiday) by the Numbers” posts, where we talk about how much we will spend on travel and hot dogs and new lawn mowers this Memorial Day. But my Google search uncovered this instead: a website that accounts for EVERY serviceman killed in conflict since the Revolution. We (I) sometimes tend to forget that honoring these men and women is the entire point of the holiday, as opposed to having Monday off and drinking beer.

MindField Online wishes to thank service members past and present and their families, and to honor those we have lost. As Americans, we don’t always agree on the value of this or that conflict, but you can’t deny the courage of those who put themselves in harm’s way. So, please take some time to visit

And have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend!!


2 thoughts on “Memorial Day 2013”

  1. Thank you for reminding people why they can celebrate and why they have something to celebrate. I’ve known many soldiers in my life time. I’m married to one. There is not one alive that would tell you they served their country so we can have our freedom to celebrate.

  2. Lots of people dont care or dont know Memorial Day..many think is a holiday to go to beach, go for ride, make BBq….the children are happy because they dont have to go to schooll and they dont know why…Its so sad that woman & men are defending our country and so many died for us and monday we are honoring those who died defending our country and still dying..God Bless them and All have a good MEMORIAL DAY………

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