Halloween by the Numbers!

My house, every Halloween!

In my house, as a kid and as an adult, we always did it up for Halloween. And, looking back, I don’t remember ever dialing it down very much during hard times. Apparently, that is still the case in the US!

Here are some stats:

  • 70: The % of Americans celebrating Halloween in 2012.
  • 170 million: The number of Americans in the “Halloween market” this year.
  • 8 billion: The amount of $$$ we will spend for Halloween in 2012.
  • 80: The amount of $$$ spent by each person. Up $8 from last year.

So, how does Halloween avoid our belt-tightening?

Halloween has been one of the few annual events that we’re willing to shell out plenty of bucks for, almost certainly because of the escapism we feel by dressing up like Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson. We also have few qualms about dressing up our pets like Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson. Time Magazine

And to illustrate that last point, the article says that we will spend $370 million on pet costumes this year, up about 25% from 2011!

So, how about your family? Is Halloween a big deal? Have you cut back on the spending the past couple of years, or not?

3 thoughts on “Halloween by the Numbers!”

  1. hi guys, nope spending is more. we have life size witchs this year, we will be adding witchs next year also !! so beware my preety !!!!

  2. We cut back about 10 years ago with our son was too old to trick or treat. All the neighbor’s children were too old. We live in the country and all the kids were going to subdivisions to make it easier to walk around. The grandchildren come by, but I don’t have to buy a big bowl of candy any more. Sometime I’ll go to my sister’s house just to watch all the little ones come by. We will just have a pumpkin because I like them. Happy Halloween to all

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