Sweet Seasonal Savings!

They’ve always said that certain bargains happen at certain times of the year, and knowing when to buy can save you money. Take me for instance. Just bought a TV, either 5 months late, or 7 months early! Anyway, here are some tips from around the web, starting with August.

August: Swimsuits, up to half off (the prices, that is.)  Anything related to back-to-school, like book bags, computers, crappy dorm furniture, etc. And lawnmowers, which won’t be missed – amirite fellas?

January: Linens and Holiday leftovers. White sales are everywhere, so stock up on the sheets and towels. Also, Christmas gear. Here’s one I have learned: if you collect those dated Christmas tree ornaments, but don’t absolutely have to have a 2012 on the tree IN 2012, then wait until January and save 50%!

February: Furniture. Stores are clearing out for new spring models. Save 30-60%

March: TVs. The big Consumer Electronics show is in January. Buyers place their orders, and they land in stores in March. So the shabby old 1080p flatscreens have to go to make room for the shiny new 1080p flatscreens! Save 15%

March: Springtime shoes. They hit the shelves in January, now they got ta GO. Save 20-30%

April: Raincoats. Stores have to meet the demand for April Showers, then clear the shelves for May Flowers. Save 25%

April/May: Thrift Store finds. After Spring cleaning! Furniture, housewares, clothes, kids stuff, the whole bit.

May: Athletic Apparel and Shoes. I guess it’s finally warm enough to go outside and exercise. Save 30-60%

June/July: Wedding season – June for planners, July for stragglers! So, wedding gifts like dishes and home décor are 20-50% off. Also, it’s Fathers Day, so useful things (tools, gadgets) and useless things (tools, gadgets) are on sale.

September: Plants. The typical season change clearing of the shelves. Save 30-50%. I hear that the independent places have better discounts than the big box stores.

October: Blue Jeans. The back-to-school market has dried up, and what’s left has to go! Save 30-60%

November: Pajamas, etc.  Lord knows I give SOMEBODY on my Christmas list some pajamas. Last year, I think I gave out 4 sets. A new record!

December: Coats & Jackets. Stores don’t have the room to store these bulky items until next fall. Save 15-40%

That’s the scoop. So, watch your calendars, then get out there and save in a timely fashion. And have a great weekend!!

(photo: galliawatch.blogspot.fr)

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