It Just Got All MEMORIAL Up in Here!

Long Memorial Day weekend ahead and, boy, this underemployed blogger could use the break! 😉 Just for fun, I went poking around the web looking for Memorial Day topics.

First, some history. Memorial Day began as a way to honor the Civil War dead. They think the first community wide observation was in 1866, but the first large-scale ceremony was at Arlington Cemetery in 1868. It expanded to honor the dead of all wars after World War 1.  It became an official, take-Monday-off holiday in 1971. Did you know you are supposed to observe a moment of silence at 3pm local time on Monday? I had never heard that.

Anyway, the Department of Veteran’s Affairs and have a bunch of links about:

…and more, so check ‘em out!

Finally, for all you consumers (and MindField fans) out there, a website that tells you about all of the sales at durn near EVERY store in the country: MemorialDaySalesDotNet

Happy Memorial Day weekend, MindFielders! Have fun, be safe and, most importantly, HONOR those who sacrificed all!!

4 thoughts on “It Just Got All MEMORIAL Up in Here!”

  1. Happy Memorial Day weekend to you too! I’m proud to be a MindFielder! Maybe underemployed and overworked but not underappreciated. Thanks for all the great blogs!

  2. It rained with strong winds during my Memorial Day weekend. My husband and I and 8 other friends camped out and such a fun time. Wow!

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