Blockbuster Bummer!

Prefer to rent your DVD’s from Blockbuster Express vs. Redbox? So sorry! I just received a notice from Blockbuster Video that states, in short:

NCR, which operates your Blockbuster Express kiosks, has entered into an agreement to sell its kiosks and other assets to Redbox. Until the transaction is completed (3rd quarter 2012), you will continue to enjoy the convenience, choice, and value you’re used to from BLOCKBUSTER Express.

They had not much to say about how things will be run afterwards. Is BB going away? I don’t know, but not having machines SEEMS like sort of a handicap!

Now, I have no particular love or hatred for Blockbuster. But never having to go in their store again was a nice feature of the kiosk! However, there were definitely fewer Blockbuster than Redbox kiosks. BB managed to get some advantage with certain exclusive deals where they would have a film 2 or 3 weeks  before Redbox got it. So, for a while it was something of a 50/50 advantage between the two rivals.

Then BB screwed it up with tiered pricing. Redbox was 99 cents across the board (now 1.29.) BB was .99 to 2.99, based on newness and popularity. Basically, you never knew what you were going to pay. But the more you wanted to see it, the higher the price. That irked me.

So, now what? BB’s kiosk machines are being sold to their rival. I have to say my preference in this battle goes to Redbox. Flat pricing, with BB’s exclusives removed? Nearly perfect. But who knows how long that warm feeling will last when they have ZERO competition?

So, how about you? Red or Blue? Do you prefer one over the other? Why?

11 thoughts on “Blockbuster Bummer!”

  1. I think BB is going bankrupt/away.
    The BB store by my house is closing and selling everything in the store clearance

  2. oh my……….Redbox will be the only one now….hmm….wonder when they will decide to make a change in their prices when they are the only kids on the block with the cool toys……

  3. BB kiosks were never owned buy Blockbuster they were owned by NCR.. NCR leased the name… I think we will see another entertainment kiosk in the future by NCR only they won’t be using DVD instead you will have to use a jump drive..

  4. I could see this coming as soon as BB raised their prices. I sent them an e-mail right after the price hike stating why I would be using Redbox only from now on because I’m not stupid enough to pay $3 for a movie when i can see it for $1 a month later on Redbox.

  5. I prefer redbox… since about a month ago I returned a video to BB and I was 26 minutes late and I had to pay a late fee. When they say 24 hrs. you better not go beyond.

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