Older Folks and Online Security

"Where do I slide the card through?"

Now, my 70-year-old mom happens to be one of the most computer-savvy people I know. But I actually knew a guy whose mom was worried that a virus in her PC could also make HER sick!

Older folks are catching up when it comes to the computer, but one thing they still aren’t sure about is the security of online shopping.

The survey found that 77% of consumers 55 and older say they worry about being a victim of online fraud. And 46% say they don’t feel secure that merchants are protecting their safety and security when shopping online. Internet Retailer

Their snot-nosed 18-25 year old kids and grandkids share these concerns, at a slightly lower rate: 62% worry about online fraud, and 27% think retailers aren’t doing enough about it.

The big difference seems to be what happens NEXT. The youngsters research a company more thoroughly, it seems. As a result, while older folks are more worried about fraud, they are also more likely to get ripped off: 46% have gotten scammed at some point, compared to only 35% of the younger folks.

So, caveat emptor*, y’all. And do your research! Do YOU worry about online fraud? Ever been scammed? Let us know!

* “Let the buyer beware.”

7 thoughts on “Older Folks and Online Security”

  1. the elderly are more trusting which enables the bad guys to take advantage of them online. Years ago it was the telemarketers with phone calls promising large winnings if you just bought one thing……..

  2. yep. though my mom is pretty competent in these things, i still have to remind her that there is no such thing as a “no-strings-attached free download” ANYTHING!

  3. I’m in the 55+ age category and have been banking, paying credit cards and shopping online for years. The big advantage for me is knowing bills will be paid on the date they are due. Mailing checks a week before they were due to prevent late fees frequently ended up being deducted from my checking account 3 to 4 days before the due date, with me scrambling to try to make sure there was enough money to cover the ‘early’ payments before my paycheck was deposited at the end of the week. It is surprising to me that there are still so many people in their 40’s and beyond who absolutely refuse to do almost anything financial online.
    Your comment about the woman who was afraid a PC virus would make her sick made me think of the reason my 85 year old mother refuses to connect her computer to the internet ….. “Someone could get into my stuff” …. when all she has on her hard drive are recipes, letters and jokes.

  4. Rocky, I’m a bit older than you and very computer savvy. However, your poke at your mother (age 85) who is afraid someone will get her stuff should not be taken lightly nor scoffed at by anyone. To someone 85 years old, her stuff is not necessarily made up of cash or bonds or copywritten materials. To them the personal stuff such as her beloved recipes, much beloved letters, and sense of humor is vast treasure and the loss of them would be devastating. If she is concerned about the risk involved with these items, she is doubly concerned about placing connectivity to any financial matters she might possess.

    Keep in mind, too that the older generation is one that reads the news, listens to the news on the radion, and watches the news on TV and they know from their observation of news traffic that there are some bad guys out there getting folks ID’s (I bet she tears up envelopes and her name off of junk mail – by hand) and consequently their “stuff.”

    Buyer beware and know thy enemy is not to be taken lightly.

  5. I agree with Rocky, I am in the 55 yr age group and do all of my bill paying online. I am able to check my bank balance without overages. I travel with my job and take care of all of my bills online so I don’t have to worry about stamps and late fees. I also have over 100 purches on e-BAY without ever being scamed. I do my research.

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