Labor Day Open Discussion

OK, your humble blogger is north of 40 in age, and he remembers when almost nobody’s mom worked outside the home. Then, when mom got a job, it was to get out of the house, or to have some personal spending money. Now, 66% of moms with kids have jobs!

Check out the chart to the left, From The Two-Income Trap

Now please, always take statistics with a grain of salt. As Homer Simpson said, “People can make statistics say anything they want, and 54% of people know that!”

Basically, it says that while incomes have close to doubled, we have nearly half as much money left over than we used to.

I guess my point is, times are tough. We all have to work, more or less. So how do you make it work in your family? Cut back on frills? Clip coupons? Join online consumer panels and complete surveys for money and prizes? Let us know!

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  1. We had actually been making it on one income until just recently. I have stayed home with 3 kids all 7 and under for the past 3 years. I have recently taken up a part time job at a retail store to bring in some extra money to help pay for some medical bills we now have and to help boost our money this winter. My husband is 100% comission and the winter is our slow season. We coupon, only have 1 car payment, 1 mortgage, small amount of credit card debt. I try to keep our grocery spending under 300/month.

  2. I am well north of 40 too and trying to keep the ends at least in waving distance as a retiree on Social Security is a daily challenge. I’d love to have those ends meet as they did when I had a part-time job as a receptionist. Unfortunately, the company I worked for eliminated all the part time jobs two years ago. It has been a monumental struggle to survive in this economy. I can remember my parents living quite comfortably on SS and a small pension.

      1. Well, I didn’t mean to include you in my ‘well north’ category! Sorry. That is where I am and I am sure I am not alone.

        I do use coupons, do surveys and product testing to make a little extra income. I also sign up for focus groups which pay a lot more than surveys. Every little bit helps.

  3. Hi There ,
    And thank you for the invite to write , yes, Mom went to work ,but it is frustrating
    because there are certain people who don’t like to see good people get ahead
    with their income, I t cost Mom to commute to work also,
    and as for Surveys, you people who create these, must be making something
    from it, because you certainly aren’t giving the people taking surveys anything,
    what is $0. 35 -75 ? to one who have a $ 200. electric bill,
    I know I have tried to work with surveys for some time now,
    And ,locally, the people will laugh when you say you’re taking Surveys,
    The Seniors need help and are willing to work with that,
    but it sad , when you spend maybe all morning working and earned very little
    for your time, When the Big Companies have so much money to give away
    who gets it? There are many new Surveys out now, so, where are the
    good ones for the people who hurting, many are out of work, help them,
    Thank you for allowing me to write,

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