Blogging Year in Review, el parte uno

This week marks the one-year anniversary of MindField Online jumping into the world of social media, including the blog, our Facebook page and Twitter feed. In social media, old stuff tends to get buried under new, and useful info sometimes gets lost. So for this reason (as well as misplaced nostalgia) we take a two-part look at the past year.

We took time to learn about Consumer Testing. Some of it was “inside baseball,” as they say, others were pretty useful!

Along the way, we took time to discuss features, changes and improvements to the system, including

Looking back, one thing becomes clear: we use a LOT of exclamation points! Anyway, this is just SOME of the excitement we have perpetrated in the past year. More tomorrow, and THIS time it gets personal! Exclamation point!

2 thoughts on “Blogging Year in Review, el parte uno”

  1. Why wouldn’t we use !!!!! and ALL CAPS!!!!! THIS PANEL IS FUN…..AWESOME……REALLY WORKS…….WOOHOO!!!!!!!

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