MindField’s 10,000 Facebook Fan Giveaway!

Have you noticed the number of our Facebook fans lately? Something like 8,700. That’s getting pretty darn close to 10,000. So close, we’re getting IMPATIENT! So, check it out…we decided to give it a little push with MindField’s 10,000 Facebook Fan Giveaway!

On that magical day that we reach 10,000 Facebook fans, everyone who has joined MindField Online Internet Panels, AND then becomes a fan of our Facebook page will be entered into a drawing. The prize? TEN CHANCES TO WIN $100.00!!

If you are already a panel member and a Friend, all you have to enter is to recommend that all of your friends do the same. So, come on gang, let’s push that number to 10K!

15 thoughts on “MindField’s 10,000 Facebook Fan Giveaway!”

    1. hi… if it’s been a while, make sure your profiles are super complete and up to date. other wise, please feel free to contact support ([email protected] or 800.969.9235) to make sure nothing’s goofy with your account. good luck!!!

  1. I’ve posted it on my Facebook page and sent out some Emails with my link attached. I hope we can get you there fast!

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