Online Coupons for Real World Savings

Hey, times are tough. We’re all looking to pinch pennies, and more of us are going online to do it.

According to a recent article on

74% of consumers search multiple online coupon sources each week, and 25% spend up to an hour shopping for the best online discount deals.

From a dollar off of laundry detergent to a half-price romantic getaway, services like Bing, Groupon, Living Social, RetailMeNot (and on and on and on) are ready to help you save. And we’re definitely hooked. Here are some statistics, according to Bing:

  • 47% use more local deals and coupons than they did a year ago
  • 63% search up to 10 different coupons sites each week
  • 11% look at more than 10 coupon sites
  • 81% of moms search multiple sources each week

According to the survey, about half of us spend more than 15 minutes a week scoping out the deals, and about 25% of us spend between 30 and 60 minutes.

So, how about you? Are you clipping coupons online? Are you doing it more than you used to? Are you saving? Let us know!

One thought on “Online Coupons for Real World Savings”

  1. I’ve used coupons for over 50 years and they have been a tremendous source of helping me save during those years. Whether it is to BOGO free entree at a restaurant and you end up save big-time, or whether it is saving 35 cents on a product in the grocery store. I have found that “pennies make dimes and dimes make dollars and dollars put food on the table and pay the light bill.” Yes, I utilize online coupons extensively these days since I don’t subscribe to a newspaper. I “shop”,, and others as I find them. I find that these 3 are seemingly the 3 major sources for in-store use coupons.

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