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A Little Place in the City

Like, a reeeally little place. This is a story that asks “How much space do you need?” And also “How little space can you tolerate?”

In San Francisco, where the average studio apartment rents for more than $2,000/month, the city is ready to vote on a rule allowing developers to build apartments as small as 220 square feet in size. Roughly 10 feet by 20.

At a minimum 150 square feet of living space — 220 when you add the bathroom, kitchen and closet — the proposed residences are being hailed as a pivotal option for singles.  LA Times

They hope the micro apartments will go for $1200-1700/ month. Great for a city where over 40% of the population lives alone. However…

Opponents fear that a wave of “shoe box homes” would further marginalize families of modest means who are desperate for larger accommodations…. And buildings full of micro-units could cause a spike in population density that might strain public transit and already limited parks and public spaces.   LA Times

As for me, I have done the Saturday walking tour of IKEA, where the fake apartments get smaller and smaller, until “Here’s how you can cram into 300 square feet!” And it gave me the creeps!

So what do you think? Clever idea, or the most depressing idea ever? (Or both?)