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Changing the Way We Shop?

shopcart 02So, has the years-long economic downturn forever changed the way we shop? Maybe so. For years now, people have been tightening their belts. At the grocery store, things like “big national name brand loyalty” have taken a big hit, while store brands and generics have prospered.

Now, with a perceived (!) improvement in the economy, things are thawing out a bit. But, again, it may be that these past years have changed the way we think about grocery shopping. That’s the gist (or one of them) of the latest Deloitte Pantry Survey 2015:

A key finding is that eight in 10 Americans believe “the American economy has fundamentally changed and that thriftiness and challenging economic conditions are the new normal.”  The Tennessean

They surveyed 4000 shoppers, and found that they seem to split up in 4 categories. Do you see yourself in any of these?

  • Super Savers(26%): You focus on coupons and loyalty programs. You will switch brands to save. Tracking down the lowest price is fun.
  • Sacrificers(23%): You are the most affected by the economy. You are younger, lower income and less educated. You avoid higher-cost items.
  • Planners(21%): You also save with coupons and loyalty programs. You also save by not buying prepared foods.
  • Spectators(30%): You were least affected by the recession. You are younger, more educated, higher income. You buy store brands, less prepared foods and you buy in bulk.

Personally, I don’t see myself in any of these categories, not neatly anyway. I do steer away from prepared foods, though. How about you? Have your habits changed? How so? Let us know over at the MindField Online Facebook page! And read the original article…tons more consumer insight!

Shopping Psychology 101

"These super deals are bumming me out!"
“These super deals are bumming me out!”

This one’s for the ladies. We begin with a question: do you “Mood shop”? According to a Quidco.com survey of 2,000 women in the UK, you DO! And your emotional state affects your pocketbook. Check it out:

When you shop…

  • After a break-up, you will spend $72 on new clothes, shoes or accessories.
  • On payday, $65
  • Bored, $47
  • After a fight with your honey, $44
  • After a bad day at work, $42

And my favorite…

  • When you just meant to window-shop, $49

You can read the rest here, so do that! If you get sidetracked and shop online, it’s cool.

How about YOU? Do your emotions affect your shopping habits? Explain it over at the MindField Online Facebook page, and have a great weekend!