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Facebook and Blog Fans Speak!

megaphone-kid-croppedHappy Friday y’all! Any big Father’s Day plans? Cookout maybe? Have fun!

It’s time once again to feature comments from satisfied MindField Online panelists, collected from our Facebook and blog comments. (Interesting that we heard from a lot of dudes this time!) You will find them at our “Panelist Feedback” page. Here’s a sample from Mary…

Mary says: I have been with MindField for over 10 years. They are one of my favorite survey panels. They are quick to pay and I love the new cashout options, i.e., PayPal, Amazon gift cards. I love their product tests I’ve done so many for them I can’t count. Just saying thanks again, MindField Online!

10 years! Thanks Mary! So take a look, and have a great weekend. Give Dad a hug for me!!!

(photo: southerncrescentsolutions.com)

MindField Fans Give a Shoutout!

Time once again to update our ever-expanding list of satisfied member comments that have appeared on the MindField Online Facebook page in the past few months, including this gem from Katherine:

MindField is a great site. I’ve been a member for a few years and they have the most amazing surveys and they really value your opinion. And while you’re at it you can earn some cash. I ♥ you guys…

The little heart thingy says it all. Thanks Katherine! And thanks to all our members for their participation! Check out the latest batch of satisfied user comments at our Panelist Reviews page!

(photo: southerncrescentsolutions.com)