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October Surprise (deals!)

ID-100246553Time for a look at your best deals of the month! October is an in-between month, stuck in the dead zone between back-to-school and Black Friday. It can be difficult to spot a bargain – and the right time to snag it – without professional consultation! So, what do the experts say are good buys in October? Hot items include Cars, Costumes, Vacations, Thanksgiving travel, Music, School Supplies (whatever’s left!) Cruises, Camping gear (the warmer-weather stuff,) Jeans, Cookware and Whatever Apple thing that is about to be replaced.

In general, there are many items that you don’t have to wait until Black Friday to buy, but also a bunch of things that you SHOULD wait for. (Helpful!)

Here are some links for ye:

How about you? What savings tricks do you use during October? Let us know over at the MyMindField.info blog!