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Men, Women and Shopping

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Somewhere lost in the thumb-drives of history, I have this great photo I took at the greeting card counter at Walmart on Mother’s Day, and it’s just what you’d expect – 50 dudes elbowing their way to the front, trying to buy the last 3 terrible leftover cards for their wives.

Apparently, I must have imagined that. The Christian Science Monitor says that most of the clichés we be believe about men and women and shopping are just myths. So, let’s play a little True or False!

  • Men Are Last-Minute Shoppers. FALSE. Apparently, 75% of men buy at least 2 weeks before the holiday.
  • Women Do the Grocery Shopping. FALSE.  Men go to the grocery 8.2 times per month, women 7.5 times
  • Women Spend More Time Picking Out Gifts. FALSE. An odd way to measure this, but 46% of women simply ask what you want for a gift. 40% of men do that.
  • Men Don’t Shop for Grooming Products. FALSE (?) I’m not so sure. Just because “90% of men use a grooming product” doesn’t mean they are buying them.
  • Men Research, Women Impulse Buy. FALSE. People do their research these days, men and women equally.
  • Women Buy More than Men. MAYBE. Women still do the majority of household shopping in the stores, but online men and women spend pretty much equally.

Ehh, I don’t know. If you change the way you measure each item, you can reach any conclusion you like. Overall, though, it really does seem like the reality is outgrowing the myths. What’s it like at your house? Do you recognize these old clichés? Has the “balance of power” changed in your “his/hers” shopping habits? Let us know over at the MindField Online Facebook page!