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Now Hiring?

Has the downturn got you thinking about a career change? It does me, for REALZ. But which direction should you go? Where is the growth? Where is the need? And where is the satisfaction? USNews.com has some ideas…

Each year, U.S. News compiles a list of the Best Careers based on the Labor Department’s employment projections. And this year, we continue to base our picks for the Best Jobs of 2012 on professions that should hire abundantly over the next several years. To better help you make a smart career choice, we’ve also started ranking our selections. USNews.com

The short answer? Healthcare and computers. Here is their list for 2012…

10. Occupational Therapist : $48k-$102k. Over 36,000 needed in the next decade.

9. Computer Programmer: $40k-$114k. High job satisfaction, competitive salary, good prospects.

8. Physical Therapist: $53k-$107k. Field will grow by 40% over the next decade. You need a Master’s, though.

7. Computer Systems Analyst: $48k-$119k.

6. Web Developer: $43k-$119k. Over 65,000 positions are anticipated in the next 10 years.

5. Database Administrator: $41k-$115k. They used to call it “filing.” A critical position throughout business, but one that requires a lot of certifications.

4. Medical Assistant: $20k-$40k. No specific training is required, but the more you have, the better.

3. Pharmacist: $82k-$138k. LOTS of education required, but it pays off. The pharmacist at my CVS drives a SWEET Benz convertible. I’m just sayin’.

2. Software Developer: $54k-$87k. Like many of these tech jobs, you have to be constantly keeping up with evolving technology.

1. Registered Nurse: $44k-$95k. Over 700,000 positions will need filling in the coming decade.

So, are you or someone you know in any of these fields? Do you agree that these are Top 10 material? Let us know!

(photo: allthingsd.com)