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Holiday Shipping Blues

shipping1The other day, I’m standing in my kitchen when I hear a loud THUD at my front door, almost like someone had kicked it. Followed by a single ring of the doorbell. I look out and see a US Mail carrier slouching away, talking on his phone. I pick up my package and scream at him, “That’s a $700 laptop! Maybe slam it to the ground a little softer?” His classic reply? “Aw man. My bad.”

Welcome to Holiday Shipping Blues!

Consumer Reports conducted a survey of 1,000 people regarding their thoughts on Holiday shipping. See if any of these findings sound familiar…

  • Biggest complaint is cost. UPS and FedEx can cost up to 5 times as much as regular mail.
  • More than half complain about valuable packages left at the door (or, in my case, slammed into the door!)
  • Related, about 40% of people have had the package stolen from the porch.
  • 55% complain about late delivery.

So, what to do? Pay the high cost to UPS and FedEx? Sacrifice your sanity and time by going to the Post Office? Use one of those USPS-contracted places where they don’t know what they’re doing half the time? You tell me!!

On a constructive note, here are some tips for getting your holiday packages to their destination in one piece, and on time! USPSFedExUPS

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