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When the Price is Not the Price

Heard of “fluid pricing”? You’re about to!

Theoretically, software can track and identify a potential buyer, look up his past purchases, perhaps even link to his credit rating, Facebook posts, age and income – then make a pretty decent guess about how much he’ll pay for a product. Buffalo News

Odd true-life example. My former hairdresser, a Brazilian lady, charged her Brazilian/Latino customers more – because they have more and thicker hair!

Anyway, fluid pricing (some might say discriminatory pricing) is an age-old tradition – closeout sales, end of season clearance, senior discount, “Ladies Night”, etc. But now they are talking about altering prices by the minute, by the location and by the customer. And it’s all about technology. One more reason you might want to turn off Location Services on your smart phone!

So, what do you think? Should the guy sitting next to you on the airplane pay the same for his ticket as you did? Or is it none of your business? Do you care? A lot of people do – the article quotes a study that says when people find out that they have been “price-targeted” they don’t like it! Give us your thoughts over at the MindField Online Facebook page!