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Logo Logic

logo colorsA little Friday distraction on the psychology of corporate logos, courtesy of those masterminds at DailyInfographic.com. Logos are a serious business. They aim right for your brain, triggering emotional responses with their colors and shapes, making you feel safe, or content, or awesome! And urging you to buy, of course.

First, what’s in the color of a logo?

  • Red: blood and fire. Evokes emotion, passion, intensity
  • Blue: depth and stability. Evokes comfort, faith, confidence, trust
  • Yellow: energy. Evokes joy, freshness, feeling “alive”
  • Green: harmony. Evokes peace, calm, hope
  • Purple: luxury. Evokes glamour, nostalgia, romance
  • Orange: happiness. Evokes enthusiasm, creativity
  • Black: formality and mystery. Evokes seriousness
  • Brown: nurturing. Evokes reliability and dependability
  • Pink: GIRL STUFF! Evokes love, sweetness, warmth

Second, how do they hook you? By hitting you EARLY!

Starting at age 2, we start to “get” that logos represent companies. Mouse Ears and the Golden Arches come to mind. By age 8, kids have 100% comprehension of which logo stands for which product.

Another fun fact is Cost, and more money doesn’t mean a more memorable logo. Some college kid earned $35 for creating the Nike swoosh, while the London Olympics paid $600,000 for a logo that you couldn’t recall with a gun to your head (and which sucked.)

So, can you think of any examples of logos, based on the color code? There are lots of examples at the original piece, so check it out. What are your fave (and least fave) logos? Let us know over at the MindField Online Facebook page, and have a great weekend