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Consumer Confidence?

confidenceHow would you rate YOUR consumer confidence? Apparently, according to the people who keep track of these things…

The Thomson Reuters/University of Michigan’s final reading on the overall index of consumer sentiment came in at 93.6 in December, slightly down from a preliminary reading of 93.8 but up from 88.8 in November. It is the highest reading in nearly eight years as lower gasoline prices drove expectations up. TradingEconomics.com

Highest reading in 8 years… They say that gas prices are a factor. I am certainly in a better mood at the pump these days, paying $1.75 (in South Carolina) rather than $3.50… dang, that’s like HALF price!

As a freelance writer, I look out on the horizon and see more POTENTIAL jobs this year. So far, though, they are still POTENTIAL. I always say, if the year turned out like my rosy January predictions, I could RETIRE. Hasn’t happened yet. But, sure, I  guess I feel a little more optimistic now than in the past few years.

How about YOU? What’s your “consumer confidence” level? Better, worse, the same? Let us know over at the MindField Online Facebook page, and have a great weekend!


Confident Consumers?

The graphics department nails it again!

When I read a headline claiming that consumer confidence is on the rise, I think that the newspaper should include a coupon for that big grain of salt you need to swallow the news.  That’s the problem today. You read that headline and, depending on your politics, you say, “Well, the New York Times says it, so it MUST (or MUST NOT) be true!”

So, let’s just dispense with all that. Let’s look at the numbers, and then you tell me whether you are “feeling it.” OK? OK!

More hiring and fewer firings this year have helped firm sentiment, setting the stage for a pickup in consumer spending that will probably bolster the economy. Middle-income and wealthier households were among those turning more optimistic last week as stocks rose to a record and gasoline prices stabilized. Bloomberg.com

  • The “Consumer Comfort Index” is at 37.6, the highest since Jan 2009
  • Hiring beat expectations in June, and unemployment is near a 6-year low
  • Auto sales are the strongest since 2006
  • Confidence is up for everybody making at least $40,000 a year, BUT, has dropped for those making less
  • All age groups are optimistic, with over-65’s the most so
  • Optimism increased everywhere but the South

So, those are some of the stats. You can read more at the original piece. So what about you? Are you feeling the rosy glow of consumer confidence or not? Let us know over at the MindField Online Facebook page, and have a confident weekend!

Consumer Confidence?

I have a Google alert set for “consumer” to send me potential blog ideas. Today’s alert had a bunch of stories about Consumer Confidence. In a word, it’s down. In the US, the confidence measurement is at 63. I don’t know what that means, but it was 64.9 a month ago. So, in other words, DOWN.

Basically, consumer confidence measures whether you feel safe in making a big purchase or taking that nice vacation, or NOT.

So, let’s hear from the MindField family. What is your confidence level? Are you making purchases? Taking trips? Holding off?

I will go first. We have made a couple of bigger purchases this year, but only the kind that count as investments, such as new floors. Next week, our big vacation consists of driving back home to see family and friends. You could say my confidence level is “meh.”

How about you?

PS: For our Canadian friends: your confidence is UP. What’s that aboot? Send some of that confidence down south, eh?

PPS: New confidence numbers are coming in a day or so. Cross your fingers!

UPDATE: The new number came out….62. Whoops!

UPDATE 2, August 29: New number 60.6! More whoops!