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Jobs Without College Degrees

help wantedDo you NEED a college degree to make a good living? I just don’t know. The economy may be… “improving” (sarcastic quotes added) but there MILLIONS of college grads living in the parents’ basements, waiting for the answer to that question!

I saw a piece entitled “10 high-paying jobs for college dropouts,” and immediately hated the title. Some people never get the opportunity to attend. As Charlie Daniels once said in Longhaired Country Boy, “The rich man goes to college and the poor man goes to work.”

Setting that aside, the piece offers some encouragement, though some seem a little farfetched. Here are the bullets:

  • Waste disposal personnel
  • Sommelier – Summa WHAT now? (It’s a wine expert.)
  • Bingo manager
  • Lodging manager
  • Massage therapist
  • Insurance agent
  • Equipment operator
  • Claims adjuster
  • Real estate broker
  • Telecom technician

Of course, they lead off with “waste disposal” but, hey…that’s $25 an hour! The whole list is scattered with salaries of $40-50-60K. SO READ IT. And have a GREAT weekend!