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Apple Slams Samsung

Oh, Google Image Search. You never disappoint!

Apple vs. Samsung: it was the “patent trial of the century” and, last Friday, Apple won. Samsung has to fork over $1 billion, pending appeal.

The result is extremely complex and is, as of this writing, still being wrangled over in court. But the initial finding appears to be a whole lot of hurt for Samsung and a victory for Apple. The bigger question is, what does this mean for innovation and competition in the tech industry? TechHive.com

But the biggest question is, how does this affect ME? And, I guess, you too?

Some say it will force an industry with too many “me-too” copycats to dig deep and innovate in new and exciting ways, which would be good. Others say that many designers – often just one or two guys working in a garage – will be so afraid of lawsuits that they will choke up. And still others wonder how much change the consumer will accept. Specific example… what if you have to give up your Droid because it’s pinch-and-zoom function is too much like an iPhone?

Many people are seeing this situation as “Intellectual Property vs. Consumer Choice.”

What do you think?