Thanksgiving By The Numbers 2014

thanksgiving spendingOne nice thing about Thanksgiving is that, even when times are tight, we still celebrate it. There are years when we have to choose driving over flying, spend less on food than we like, or worry more about the price of gas. But the urge to get together and give thanks amongst family and friends remains strong. Yay, us!

So, is this one of those “fretful” years? Yes and no. Who knows if we are ever going to get back to 2007 levels of “comfort,” but this year seems to be better than last. How so? Let’s take a look at Thanksgiving by the Numbers 2014!


  • 46.3 million: people who travel will be driving this Thanksgiving, or 92%
  • 50: miles driven on average, up 4% from 2013
  • $2.85: average price of gas, down 13% from 2013
  • $650 million: collective gas savings this year


  • 51 million: turkeys consumed on Thanksgiving day
  • 20%: of turkeys raised every year will be eaten this day
  • $21.65: cost of average turkey, down 11%
  • $49.41: cost of dinner for 10, 37 cents higher than last year

How about YOUR Thanksgiving spending in 2014? More travel or less? Driving or flying? Longer distance or shorter? More food and/or guests, or fewer? Let us know over at the MindField Online Facebook page! Gobble gobble!